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Rexy and Moe – Final update

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Howdy Gravelers!

Can you hear it? Not sure if that is the ticking clock or the gnashing dino teeth? Whatever it is, it is close!!!

First and foremost – WELCOME. We are so honored to have you join us, to visit our community, and share this incredible, yet-to-be-discovered desert odyssey with you… Only you will get to say “I did it first.”

Reality check – It is going to be hard out there. Fortunately, though, almost none of you will ever know how much harder it could be. The conditions are going to be about as good as they can be. As of tonight the brutal headwind we always fear but relentlessly ride in looks to be on vacation (actually a tailwind much of the way – which we can promise you NEVER happens.) The Raptor Trap sand pits we’re famous for? History! The rain has packed it down to asphalt-like conditions where 8″ of sand usually sucks you down.

As with all good things – with the good comes the not so good. The challenge of your day will be that the rain has carved out ruts at the bottom of virtually every gully. Let’s say that again with feeling.

YOU WILL FIND RUTS AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY GULLY. They will wear you down, then they will irritate you, then you’ll be pissed and finally, you’ll accept it, take them in stride and always pay attention.

THIS IS A LEGITIMATE, SERIOUS WARNING! Most of the ruts are 8′-10″ wide and a couple of inches deep, you roll right across. Some are 20″ wide and 20″ deep, you slow down a lot or slam into them. Some are 30″ wide and 30″ deep, you slow way down, perhaps walk it or end up on with your nose in the mud.  NOT KIDDING! Please – be vigilant. Especially at dawn and dusk and even more so when it is dark.

From Course Creator Morgan Murri after riding most of the course last week.

“It’s really tough to judge these ruts until you are upon them. I can tell you I had the biggest get offs I’ve had in several years, riding roads I know better than anyone, hitting a dip that I was sure “wasn’t that deep” until I was in it. I was tired, the light was flat and I lost my focus at just the wrong time and was lucky I didn’t break my wheel and my shoulder, please, stay focused.”

The trade-off for these is all the other parts of the course with hardpack dirt, no sand and smooth fast conditions. While these ruts can appear anywhere they are most common when you are up higher in the hilly parts of the course. When you are going up and down – pay special attention. Nuff said.

Course Marking – The primary course marking is large hot pink arrows. The secondary, backup marking is smaller read arrows. You will find these markers on fixed items; signposts, cattle guards, BLM signs, and as you can see in these photos attached to Cyclocross stakes. Three additional variations.

XX means you are going the wrong way or Do Not Enter. We can’t put these at every potential “wrong turn” but do use them in areas with confusing options.

The Down Arrows with the Up Arrows on a single post (Pictured here) is our “Caution Symbol” If you see these. SLOW DOWN. 

DANGER sign. If you see this sign it is very serious and you must slow way down and be prepared to stop. DANGER means DANGER




Mud – You will likely encounter mud at some point. Especially around Cisco – We’re marking that section tomorrow, giving it as much time as we can to dry out so we don’t create tire ruts you’d have to ride through. Morgan will give an update at the beer meeting 8pm packet pick up as well as an announcement at the start of both distances. The mud here is super, super sticky, clay based. If it’s out there it comes in small batches and doesn’t last long. Slog through it, most likely walking, spin on when you can.

Weather – Did we say ideal? Looks to be almost perfect. The Rexy start will be chilly, and you’ll find the low valleys even cold early on. Once warmed up, with the sun and the forecasted tailwind breeze by mid-morning it really should be incredible. Shed a layer, smile, and take in the incredible colors drawn out of hiding by the fresh rinse of recent rain. Remember that when the sun goes down in the desert the temps go down with it. The finish will be chilly for Rexy riders.

Last but not least –  We’ve made a big deal about the fearsome magnitude of Rexy. Rightly so – It’s one hell of a journey. But truly, this is about that journey. No fear, nothing scary, just a wonderfully long day on your bike taking in miles and miles and miles of mind-blowing terrain. Embrace it. Love it, even when it hurts. We say it often, even put a few reminders out there for you, don’t forget to look up. Take it in. The beauty here is unique, tear jerking, and vast. When you’re down, look up and smile. Often, that is all it takes to completely shift from a low spot to a high one. Never forget how fortunate you are to be here. How amazing are you to be fit and able enough to accept this challenge? Seriously – you are amazing. Remind yourself of that from time to time and take a few moments to remember all those that can’t be here with us. Truly, we are blessed.

We can’t wait to see you all “on the line” and we really, really cannot wait to see you at the finish of this most epic journey.

Peace and Love gravelers,

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers


Rexy and Moe – Race Week, you need to know

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Howdy Gravelers!

Rexy and Moe are about to pounce – are you ready to bust a move and survive them?

We’ll keep this email streamlined and to the point. Just the facts. In a day or two, it’ll be one more update with the most current course and weather conditions.


Packet Pick-up. Rexy and Moe. Friday evening 6pm – 9pm. Inside the building at Civic Pavillion Park 325 Aspen Avenue, Fruita, Co.

Riders Briefing and beer, Friday evening 8pm. not mandatory but very important course conditions update and open Q and A session. Packet pick-up room, Civic Pavillion Park.

Race Morning Packet Pick-up Rexy and Moe. Saturday 5am – 5:30am Civic Pavillion Park 325 Aspen Avenue, Fruita Co.


Rexy start. 6:00am. Parking lot, Civic Pavillion Park, 325 Aspen Avenue, Fruita. Co 

Mandatory Lights, front and rear all Rexy starters. Light required all riders on course after 5:30pm

Neutral Roll out – Rexy riders. Following Sheriff, first 6-7 miles.


Moe starting line packet pick-up. 9:30am – 10:00am. Buzzards Belly General Store, Cisco UT.


Moe start. 10:30am. Parking lot, Buzzards Belly general store. Cisco, UT.

On Course

All roads are open, public roads. Expect traffic, even in the most remote areas. ALL “rules of the road” and traffic laws are in effect for the entire route.

Bib number log-in. It is a huge desert out here and we can’t lose a single one of you. Please, take the 10-15 seconds required at each aid station for an official to log in your bib number and ride time at each aid station. We’ll update your position on the course via these check-ins for the world to follow along.

Aid Stations – All riders must visit all aid stations (see Bib numbers log-in above). Rexy riders. When you come into aid #3 at Cisco you come all the way into the aid station, check-in, and then go back the way you came for 1/4 of a mile. Immediately after crossing the railroad tracks take a hard left onto the gravel and head west, parallel to the tracks.

Alone Zones – Two areas on course exist where the road has washed out. Mile 35-ish on the Rexy route. And mile 121 Rexy, mile 7 for Moe route. These are a quick hop-off hop-on for riders but are impassible by car/4×4. As such our sweepers have to bypass these areas and catch you on the other side. Please, always look out for one another but especially so along here. If you know a rider is “back there” and in distress please let the sweep know when you see them. Those of you at or near the end of the train please let sweep know it’s “all clear” behind you, once they catch up. We’ll address these and other course “things to watch for” in the next update. 

In Distress – If you have an emergency call 911. If you are in distress, not an emergency but toasted, broken down or stranded in some way call Morgan first. 303-475-6053. Grace second 970-471-5480, Scott next 309-333-8296 onsight friend, family, crew last (and have them find us). We have sweep out there but they will be spread out and could be a long way away. Call us so we can zero someone in on you.

The Crux – Without a doubt, Cisco to Thompson Springs is the hammer on this route. Moe riders, you get it fresh so we add an exclamation point for you. Moe riders at mile 35 you will take a hard left to “The Overlook”. This one-mile up and one-mile back detour takes you to the best view in the region. To verify you made the trip you are required to remove a page from the book out there and present it to the aid staff in Thompson Springs. Rexy Riders at mile 148 you’re tired. If you get here close to or after dark there’s no reason to add the 2 miles. If you’re fortunate enough to get here before then we want you to dig deep and go check it out. It’s an option. But, if you put in the effort and pull a page from the book you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view and a 40 minute time bonus! It may help to know it’s all downhill from here to the Thompsons Springs aid station and then a nice long asphalt section for recovery. 

The Finish – Have faith, it will come! The climb up to Dubinky is long but it ends. Thank the desert goddess that the ever-present sand is gone due to the rain, so keep rolling! It is super important to know there are two Lone Mesa Campgrounds! The first one riders come to is NOT the correct one. The finish is at the Lone mesa GROUP Campground! Of course, this one is at the top of the hill!

Rest up, pack well, load those maps, and make a plan. Final announcements coming soon.

Hellz ya! – it’s about to go down and we are so stoked to see you!

Peace and Love – The Dino Wranglers




Rexy and Moe official riders handbook and rules

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Rexy and Moe Riders’ Manual

A “Must Read”

Welcome Riders to Rexy Queen of the Desert, with little Moe. Brought to you by Salsa Cycles – “Adventure by bike” and Desert Gravel “Like no other on Earth!”

Rexy, Queen of the Desert, was created in the spirit of adventure, self-discovery, competition, and challenge, with yourself as much or more than with fellow riders, doing so across an incredibly rugged, beautiful, and unique desert region of western Colorado and eastern Utah. We call this region home and welcome all of you to join us on this adventure across our backyard.

With distances of 90 and 200 miles, we’ve done what we can to provide a challenging option for riders looking to ride far and very far! Regardless of the option selected, we anticipate almost all of you will find this challenge more difficult than expected. We hope for you, ultimately the challenge, and overcoming it, is the point. For this reason, we ask you to take your preparation seriously. Your physical fitness, mental preparedness, equipment, nutrition plan, navigation systems, and clothing choices should all be dialed in and ready for race day.

On our end, we are working hard to keep you safe, making it fun and fine-tuning each course to reward you with a beautiful adventure. Below is information that applies to the entire event. Please keep in mind we reserve the right to change the rules, courses, routes, and guidelines or cancel the event at any time before or during the event to keep you safe.

The tough stuff

Weather It is essential to note we have had, and it looks like we will continue to receive an unusual amount of rain this month. As of this writing, the course conditions are ideal. That said, the intense rainstorms have overrun many of the washes and creek bottoms that come out of the BookCliffs – making ruts at the bottom of any “dip” common and, in some cases, extreme. Please pay attention, and riders MUST take any caution markers seriously.

This photo was taken earlier this week Rexy course mile 35.

“Wash out” Rexy course mile 35 10.15.21

The weather is almost always great here. Late October especially is generally ideal for riding. However, when it isn’t great, it can be bad.  A little rain makes riding incredible, with no dust, firm sand, excellent traction. A lot of rain, and it is game over. Period. If it rains significantly, the roads are impassable.


Our surrounding community and counties are seeing vaccination rates continuing to increase, and currently, no mandates exist. We will take a cautious approach and look out for not just your health but our community’s health. While masks are not mandatory, we ask that you use them in gathering points. Aid station food will be limited to pre-wrapped and packaged items to the extent possible.

Safety stuff

Traffic This event takes place on 100% open, public roads! Road rules and laws must be followed. Zero tolerance from us in this situation. You will be disqualified if we find you running stop signs, crossing yellow lines, etc. Once in the desert, it is remote, and you may feel all alone. Trust us; there could be a big Mac truck hauling ass right at you coming over that hill or around that corner. STAY ON THE RIGHT ALWAYS!

Race numbers, tracking, and timing

Your race plate number must be mounted on the front of your bike and visible at all times. Your number needs to be logged in at each aid station. Please, for us to keep track of you, let your crew, family, and friends stay updated on your progress; take 10 seconds at each aid station to pull in, get your number logged and head out.

Each aid station will update our timing HQ at 30-minute intervals with your rider number and the time you passed through each aid station. This data will then be updated to the semi-live tracking results allowing your fans and family to follow along. The better you are at helping us ensure we’ve collected your information at each aid station, the more accurately we can post your progress.

We will provide you with the website for this tracking function race week.


ALL 200 riders are required to have an operational and ON lighting system for the start of the race. All riders, both distances, must have a functional and ON lighting system after 6:30 pm. No rider will be allowed to leave any aid station after 5 pm without lights attached and ready to go. Period.


ALL riders are required to carry and use GPS navigation for this event. Either a GPS-enabled computer or a smartphone. Our maps are created in Ride With GPS, and this app works very well on your Phone if you choose not to use a bike computer. If relying on your Phone, please carry an additional power supply. GPS navigation consumes significant battery. You do not want to be without navigation or your Phone in case of an emergency!

Final and official GPS files are included below. The course will be marked regularly and at major intersections. Look for large hot pink arrows at significant junctions and smaller red arrows at minor junctions. Double X’s XX means the wrong wayAny Caution or Danger sign is to be taken seriously! This signage will be BACK UP to your navigation. We cannot guarantee those course markings will remain in place, as they could be interfered with by cows or desert dwellers.


****Course viewpoint option*** Moe riders, your course includes a rugged one mile out and back (2 miles total) that takes you to the most incredible overlook in the region. This turnout is at mile 34.8. You are required to remove a page from the book at this location and take it with you to your aid station #1, Thompsons Springs, as evidence you made the detour. Riders not taking a page or opting out of this incredible view will be assessed a 30 minute time penalty. 

“Rexy overlook” Mile 36, Moe, Bonus mile 148 Rexy

***REXY riders, if you choose to take in this viewpoint and add a bonus 2 miles and a priceless photo to your day (before dark) and bring a page of the book to the Thompson Springs aid station, your #4, we will give you a 30 minute time BONUS! Your ride mile for the turn is 148.

Official course maps

Rexy Official Map as of 10.17.2021

Moe Official Map as of 10.17.2021

Do not use previously posted maps as changes could be made. We reserve the right to change, adjust, amend any course due to weather, safety, or environmental concerns at any point before or during the event.

The good stuff

Rexy Neutral Start To help with the traffic concerns, keep you safe, and get you warmed up and ready, you will have a 7-mile neutral start lead out by the Sheriff.

Aid stations Gravel is about adventure and self-reliance. In the spirit of this, many gravel events don’t provide aid stations. That’s cool, and we ride many of those events. But we want to add this support so you can focus less on what to carry and more on the views. Skratch Labs provide primary race nutrition, bars, crispy cakes, and hydration electrolytes. Water bottle refilling will be “self-serve” at all aid stations. Additionally, you can expect pickles, salty options (various chips), sweet options (various cookies), bananas, and Pepsi.

Drop bags We will take drop bags to aid #2 – mile 78, aid #3 – Cisco Mile 114, aid #4 Thompson Springs Mile 154 (Moe Mile 40), aid #5 Mile 172 (Moe mile 58), and the finish line.

Drop bags need to be a reasonable size (small duffle, daypack, etc.) No suitcases, coolers, tents, sleeping bags, etc. You MUST label your bag(s) with your name and bib number.

***Drop bags for aid 2, #3 will be returned to Fruita and will not be available for pick up unit Sunday morning in Fruita. Drop bags for aid #3, #4, and #5 will be taken to the finish line, and while we will do what we can to make a trip or two Saturday evening/night, likely, they will not make it to the finish line until early Sunday morning.

Awards Both solo distances will have age-group awards for women and men in each 10 yr age bracket, such as 20-29, 30-39, etc. The two team divisions will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards and Tandem and SS will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. All finishers will receive an official survivors award. We anticipate presenting survivor awards as you finish. We will have an awards ceremony for Moe at approximately 6 pm and one for Rexy at about 9 pm. Age group winners after those times will receive their award as they finish.

Swag All riders will receive a very cool pair of socks and a kick-ass t-shirt.  DNA’s awesome kit will be on hand in limited supply to purchase at the finish.

Beer A nice cold beer from Moab Brewery will be provided at the finish area. Don’t forget the 21+ ID band supplied at registration and ID at the beer garden, this is Utah, after all. Additional beers for you, family, and crew are available for $5 ID required.

Finish line food and celebration

Please be aware of the updated finish location. You will end at the Lone Mesa Group Campground! We initially stopped timing here and then continued 8 miles on the paved highway to get you closer to Moab. Realizing many of you would do this in the dark, we decided to wrap it up at an even 200 miles and get the party started early!

Finish line food will be provided and included with your registration. Family and guests may purchase additional food. We’ll be grilling burgers, brats, turkey dogs, and veggie patties. Additionally, we’ll have baked beans and other comfort sides, fix’n’s, and greens. As well as Halloween treats and fix’n’s for Smores around the campfire. Feel free to bring additional treats and extra wood for the campfire if you have it, and don’t forget your chairs!

Start Location Rexy will begin in the parking lot on the north side of Civic Center Pavilion Park. 325. E. Aspen Avenue.

Moe will begin in the parking area of Buzzards Belly General Store Downtown Cisco, UT

Start Time

Rexy 6:00 a.m.

Moe 10:30 a.m.

Event Parking

Parking for Rexy is available at and around the park in downtown Fruita.

Parking for Moe is available just east of the store in Cisco.

Packet Pick-up  

Packet pick-up for Rexy and Moe will be from 6 pm – 9 pm inside the Civic building at Civic Pavilion Park 325 E. Aspen Avenue in Fruita. Morning of event packet pick up will be the same location 5 am – 5:30 am for Rexy or Moe. And 9:15 am – 10 am at the Cisco location for Moe.

General Rules

1. The event organizers, promoters, staff, volunteers, and sponsors, including but not limited to anyone having anything to do with this event, are not responsible for your safety or well-being; please commit to safe riding. You are responsible for yourself. If you have an emergency, call 911 from your cell phone.

2. This event is a non-stop bicycling marathon event that will require participants to travel on paved, gravel, and dirt public roads. Participants must carry all necessary food, water, and equipment to make it from aid station to aid station.

3. Each participant is solely responsible for himself/herself, including any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can be accepted for participants becoming lost, stranded, or injured.

4. Participants must obey all city, county, state & federal laws and “Rules of the Road.” Participants must watch and yield to traffic as the roads used on this course are open to public traffic. Commit to safe riding and make wise decisions.

5. Participants must use the centerline rule. On the pavement, there is a centerline, stay to the right of the centerline. On gravel, there is no centerline, stay to the right as if there were a centerline. Do not ride in the opposite lane; this is especially dangerous on hills or corners where you cannot see oncoming traffic.

6. Participants must wear an ANSI-approved helmet while operating their bicycle. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

7. All participants must have a red taillight for the duration of the event. 200 mile Riders will not be allowed to start the event without proper front, and rear lighting mounted and on at the start. No rider will be permitted on course past 6:30 pm without rear AND front lights,  and doing so will be grounds for disqualification. No rider will be allowed to leave any aid station after 5 pm without functional lights.

8. 200-mile riders will have 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds to officially finish the event. 90-mile riders will have 12 hours to finish the event.

9. Race numbers must be placed on the front of the bicycle and must be visible at ALL times. Relay Team riders see your rules book for number placement and exchange process.

10. The primary route must be followed at all times. No shortcuts or alternate routes are permitted. Failure to abide by this, including accidental route deviation, will result in disqualification. (The course may be altered by the promoters in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstance. Should this occur, participants will be sufficiently advised at a checkpoint).

11. Participants must remain within the primary boundaries of the roadway at all times. If fences or ditches border the road, riders must stay between them. If the route is in open range, remain on the roadway. Leaving the roadway or climbing over a fence is considered shortcutting the course and will result in disqualification.

12. If you exit the course for food, supplies, or any other reason, you must re-enter the course at the same spot at which you left. If you get lost, you must backtrack to the point you left the course, and failure to do so will result in disqualification.

13. Participants may not advance along the route by any means other than by bicycle or foot. All other means of advancement, including towing, tethering, or hitching rides, are prohibited and will result in disqualification.

14. Drafting on another event participant is allowed. Drafting in any other manner is prohibited, including but not limited to drafting a non-participant cyclist or a motorized vehicle, and will result in disqualification.

15. Participants must start and complete the entire course on the same bicycle frame. All other components and equipment may be repaired or replaced during the event. Participants in the Single-Speed class shall have only one gearing combination installed on their bike and complete the entire event using the same gearing combination. Failure to use the same frame will result in disqualification.

16. All bicycles, including fixed-gear bicycles, must be equipped with front & rear fully functioning hand-operated brakes. Coaster-style brakes do not satisfy this requirement. Failure to start the race with front & rear working hand brakes will result in disqualification.

17. Participants may help other participants with mechanical support, navigational assistance, and sharing food or water. Participants may not assist other participants with their forward propulsion.

18. Participants may purchase food, bike parts, and other supplies at stores and businesses along the route. Always be aware of the distance to the next checkpoint, and be prepared to travel that distance with the supplies you have.

19. Participants may receive assistance from any registered competitor in the race. Participants may receive assistance from any unplanned source that would be available to any other racer in the competition (for example, stores, bike shops, faucets on the side of a building). Participants may receive assistance from the general public, defined as unplanned assistance from people who have no connection or affiliation with the race or a competitor in the race and that is freely & equally offered to all participants from a fixed, non-movable location (for example, assistance in the form of mechanical help, food, water, bike parts would all be acceptable). Participants MAY NOT receive outside assistance from spectators, team managers, or friends viewing the event, from event staff, or from support persons on the course who have planned to assist teams. Any violation will result in disqualification.

20. Participants may be assisted by motorized transport in an emergency, mechanical failure, or other unforeseeable problem. By accepting such motorized transportation, you will be automatically disqualified from the event.

21. There may be one or several checkpoints along the route where all participants must check-in. Failure to check-in will result in disqualification

22. Riders should call out obstacles, dogs, cracks in bridges, cars up or back to fellow riders.

23. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Foul, abusive language, or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate disqualification.

24. Respect the environment. Littering or any similar behavior will result in immediate disqualification.

25. No alcohol or illegal drugs shall be used by participants during the event. Athletes who are currently serving bans for doping will not be allowed to compete in this event.

26. Challenges to event results may only come from a participant registered in the category for which the challenge is being made.

27. Support Crews, family, or friends are NOT allowed on any portion of the course (except the 4.5 miles of paved road from Thompson Springs to Sego Canyon rock art for viewing this historic area). Except to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event, if a support crew vehicle is spotted on course for any other reason, their rider will be disqualified from the event. Providing support to a rider while on course violates the self-sufficiency spirit of this event and is unfair to other participants.

Support crews, spectators, family, and friends are allowed at all aid stations and the finish area.



  1. Red taillight flashing during the duration of the race, front lights for the 200 start, and ANY rider on course beyond 6:30 pm
  2. Cell phone, fully charged and available to use in case of emergency or distress.
  3. Cycling computer or GPS with route downloaded and printed maps, of course. Additional power source if using Phone.
  4. Minimum of 2 bottles of water or sports drink
  5. ANSI approved biking helmet
  6. Race numbers must be placed on the front of the bicycle and visible at ALL times
  7. Positive attitude

Suggested Gear

  1. Back up batteries for lights system and back up charger for Phone
  2. Cash/credit card (for food, water, supplies)
  3. Food (bars, gels, etc.)
  4. Chamois Butt’r
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Chapstick
  7. Eye protection
  8. Maps
  9. Spare inner tubes
  10. Bike pump or CO2
  11. Chain repair tool
  12. Thermal top
  13. Waterproof/windproof jacket

Last but not least. Whatever distance you’ve decided to face – This is going to be tough. That is the point – We want you to test yourself, suffer, and ultimately overcome. IF you find yourself in the pit of despair, try this…. Look up.

Rexy and Moe route as you enter “Rexy’s Lair” mile 30 Moe, Mile 140 Rexy – Prepare to climb!

Take a big breath of this fresh, clean air. Relax those shoulders and then… Look around you, all around. Take it in—the blue in the big open sky, the purple hues tucked in the layers of the hills, the stunning colors one upon the other. The cliffs, stacked like books as far as you can see. Once that all settles in, remind yourself of this. You are healthy, alive, on your bike riding through the desert, and you are strong enough to get it done. Repeat often and enjoy the journey. We’ll see you at the finish line!

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers


Rexy Teams Aid to Aid maps

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Howdy Team riders!

Someone emailed us with a great suggestion. How about aid station to aid station maps files?

We love that we do all we can to get you what you need and you all keep it real by pointing out great ideas that we miss – Thank you!

We do suggest that all of you download the complete course map (better safe than sorry) but for tactics purposes here are links to maps one aid to the next.

Also – A bit of confusion about the finish. We are finishing officially at the Lone Mesa Group Campground. All are welcome (contrary to what the website says). We changed this to avoid riding on the highway.

Rexy relay segments

Start to aid 1 – 41 miles

Aid 1 to aid 2 – 34 miles

Aid 2 to aid 3 – 38 miles

Aid 3 to aid 4 – 40 miles

Aid 4 to aid 5 – 18 miles

Aid 5 to the finish!

Thank you for keeping it real.

Mapster Morgan


Rexy 200 mile Teams Playbook

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Teams Playbook

How it works

Howdy Rexy Teams! Wow, can you feel it? 10 days are you are off on one EPIC adventure!

The strategy behind our Teams division is to allow a group of riders to share the Rexy 200-mile route between friends. The tactics for the Teams are up to the individual team members. The goal for the Teams is to have a blast and embrace the journey collectively.

All Teams and individual team riders must also review and follow the events’ general rules.

Additional rules and procedures for Teams Rider

  • Teams may be 2, 3, or 4 riders.
  • Regardless of the number of riders per team, all teams fall into one of two divisions: Women-only team consisting of only female members, and open any team not comprised of all women.
  • No team may use a rider not included in their registration roster. (No substitutes)
  • Teams may change riders ONLY at any of the five official aid stations, no exchanges anywhere else on the course.
  • Teams are not required to change riders at any specific aid station. (A rider may ride farther than aid station to aid station.)
  • Teams may choose to have any member of their team ride any section of the course.
  • The course must be ridden east to west, beginning in Fruita, Co and ending at the Lone Mesa Group Campground outside of Moab, Ut.
  • Rider exchange
  • Each team member will receive a commemorative Team Number Plate with their team’s name on it.
  • Only ONE of these plates will have a timing chip attached to the back of it.
  • This “chipped” number plate is your team’s official number plate.
  • This plate must be mounted to the bike that will be ridden in the upcoming section of the course.
  • When riders “exchange” at an official aid station, the team’s official “chipped” number plate must also be exchanged to the new rider’s bike.
  • When an exchange happens, the team must confirm the exchange with an official at the aid station. This official will log the exchange and the time of the exchange.

Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team in each of the two divisions (Women and Open) based on the cumulative time taken to complete the entire course.

Crew and support aid station locations and Maps

Below are google map links from the starting line in Fruita to each aid station location as well as directions from each aid station to the next. If your map link provides multiple options do not select any option that would take you onto a dirt road, this would put you on the event course and be grounds for disqualification.

Fruita to aid 1

Fruita to aid 2

Aid 1 to aid 2 do not Take the dirt road option, Use the 4 Rd south route!

Fruita to aid 3

Aid 2 to aid 3

Aid #4 has an on-sight Food Truck and they’ll have a couple “event-specific” food options for purchase for riders and crew/support

Fruita to aid 4

Aid 3 to aid 4

Fruita to aid 5

Aid 4 to aid 5

Fruita to Finish line

Aid 5 to finish line do not take the dirt road option, Use I-70 East.

Ride smart, smile big, and gravel on, We’ll see you at the finish line!

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers