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Co2uT 2022 Welcome, Ride Guides, Maps, Locations

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Wow, Gravelers!

It is getting real – can you feel the dino love, [FIRSTNAME]? Are you fit? Are you afraid? Are you ready for us? We are READY for you!

First Things First, Welcome – Please take just a few minutes for a course update and welcome video here

Second –

Ride Guides, Maps, Schedule, Locations, and Crewing information.

Thanks to dynamo technology from RidewithGPS ALL of our information will be downloaded into your phone. Not only will this provide a one-stop-shop, but this will also ensure that if you don’t have a cycling computer route navigation will be on your phone. (Please remember – GPS nav on your phone does pull on your battery – so, we always recommend a bike computer with the phone for backup and emergencies! Or a backup power pack for your phone.)

Step One

Download the free RidewithGPS app to your phone here and create an account.

Once you are in your account on your phone, go to the “MORE” tab.

In the “More” tab select “Open Shortcut” and enter CO2UT2022 – (all CAPS)

“Download Manual”

Voila! You are in like a yucca spine to a shin!

Now – Carve out a nice slice of coffee, beer, wine, or tea time and review the information.

Our dino world is at your fingertips. How cool is that?

Your mandatory reading ride guide and route-specific guides are here. Your Crew information is here. All locations are here. The full schedule is here. Everything you need to know, on your phone.

Maps are worth highlighting.

Please, take the time to open the interactive map of your specific course on your phone. Using the 75-mile route as an example below you will see several icons. On your phone, you can zoom into each of these, tap it (also tap to close it) and get the very specific information at various mileage points across your route. Getting familiar with the key points along your course will provide you with confidence, highlights, caution points, aid stations, and course split points. We promise you – that it’s worth getting familiar with your route. (and for those of you that may drop down mid-event to a shorter option, get familiar with that route too).

If you want to view your interactive map on your full-size computer you can find all maps here

Example Screenshot of the 75-mile route 

What’s next?

The weather is looking awesome, perhaps even a bit too awesome. It may be pretty warm (and breezy) on race day. Get your hydration and wardrobe dialed. We will send updates next week with current details.

We will post several short videos highlighting key points along the routes. Things like course splits, major junctions, etc. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be in the know and/or follow us on Instagram or Facebook @DeserGravel

We’re not full yet

We do have a bit of room in the longer courses so get those riders on the fence to take the plunge – It’s going to be awesome.

[FIRSTNAME], Do you know someone that wants to lend a hand?

If you have someone coming along that likes to be involved without being on a bike we do need a few more volunteers (If they pull a 4 hour plus shift we’ll even add a complimentary entry to 2023) – plus a shirt or socks to the thank you bucket!

A huge shout out to The Pros Closet for stepping up and taking on an entire aid station! Plus – adding a sweet promo for free shipping with code DESERTDINO check them out!


Friday Morning Shakeout Ride – A Big Thank you to Physio Racing for hosting. Details in the Ride Guide Schedule. Friday 10 a.m. 20-miles of sweet preview (or 40 miles if you want to ride to and from the kickoff point)

We’re working with Ride or Die Collective on an additional ride – either later in the day, or connecting into this one – Stay tuned.


Alright [FIRSTNAME], dive in, study up and strap on those chaps and spurs – it’s about time to


Safe travels and see ya soon,

The Dino Wranglers

Morgan, Grace, Jacquie, Jim, and Debra