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Rexy 2023 results link

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We will update aid station splits throughout the day, approximately every 45 minutes


Rexy Race week update 🦖

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Howdy, It is about to get real in the land of Dino’s and Jackalopes!

May this email find you winding down, lubing up, and getting stoked. I can’t quite express how pumped we are to see you all this weekend. I’m even more pumped to share that the course is in its best-ever condition. Yes, a bit of sand, sadly no epic Raptor traps (sand pits), Yes 2.5 miles of Dino Breeding grounds (bumpy as shit) but that is all of it in one dose. The weather is looking incredible, perhaps even a bit warm.

These are scarce this year!

A few very important reminders – The course is marked but markings are BACK-UP. We take it seriously and do it well but, we have had a bit of cowboy mischief and signs may not be where we put them or point where we pointed them. Please, use your GPS.

DANGER – Danger warnings on your GPS or our signs are LEGIT. If we say it or mark it we mean it! These are primarily marked at abrupt rain ruts/washouts (about 500 fewer of these this year than last) but they are out there, they come up fast and can be very hard to see. PAY ATTENTION every time you see a steep down followed by a steep up type of ravine or drainage.

 Currently, there is only one of these big ones out there (mile 125 for 200, mile 23 for 100, but small ones come up unannounced!

Key course markings are as shown below.

Directional arrows are primarily the large pink arrows.

XX indicates the WRONG WAY.

Arrows pointed towards each other tip-to-tip also mean DANGER/Caution

Provisional aid – Due to the warmer than usual temps and stretched-out aid stations we will allow crew support (and it’s ok to help other riders beyond your own) on the 200 course at the I-70 interstate crossing mile 39 and there is a convenient (super unusual gas station at Cresent Junction) 200 course mile 49. We will also have 12-15 ATV side by sides patrol the entire course with very basic patches, tubes, and Stans for neutral support.

Packet Pick Up – Remember packet pick up for any distance is Friday night 5-8 pm at Over The Edge bike shop in downtown Fruita OR 30 minutes prior to each start at your starting line. YES – someone can pick up your packet for you. NO, you do not have to come to Fruita Friday night.

Finish line and Shuttles – For those of you who have ridden Co2uT or Rexy in the past. This year we are at a different Park. Little Salt Wash Park for the finish, and festivities and for the 200 and 100 shuttles to your start. Don’t show up at the incorrect park.

Last but not least – This will be harder than you have planned for. That is our point. This is much more about facing and overcoming the challenge than it is about “racingâ€�. Pace yourselves. Any of the distances will likely be the hardest 50,100 or 200 miles you’ve ever ridden. Embrace the journey.

And, when you’re down and suffering, had enough, and don’t think you can take one more hill, one more sand trap, or one more stupid FUXXING Dino Breeding ground, breathe deep, relax those shoulders and look up, look around you, take it in – it truly is amazing out here. Then smile, suck it up and pedal. (Repeat as necessary)

Peace, love, and Dino’s see ya all soon.


Morgan and the Fruita Dino Wranglers