Co2uT Gravel Race sets to reopens Registration!

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Co2uT registration sets to reopen! Thursday morning January 14th it is ladies only for 24 hours followed by general registration Friday, January 15th, 8 a.m. MST. Slots in all distances are limited.

Text your friends, set your alarm clock you don’t want to miss this one.

2020 is in the rear-view mirror – vaccines are a real (slow but real) thing and our optimism is full stoke for 2021.

Therefore, we’ve reset the date for Co2uT, our kick-ass gravel race/event. Late May in our region is ideal gravel weather with cool mornings and evenings and beautiful daytime temps so it’s May 22nd, 2021 for your chance to meet your monster!


75 million years ago dinosaurs ruled this region and we are bringing them back!

Whatever your gravel appetite we’ve got a monster just for you –

The menu begins with our cute little Fruitadens 30 miler

Steps up to our 70 mile cute but sassy Stegosaurus

Stops on up to our tough, solid 100 mile Triceratops

Then the tenaciously tough 125 mile Utahraptor

And finally, for the truly brave 190 mile Allosaurus!


All riders get a complimentary 16 week handcrafted training plan specific to each distance by Amaze Your Self Coaching professional cycling coach Morgan Murri to help you fully prepare. For the full immersion preparation, we have 3 training camps on course with a specific focus to get you ready!


Event video can be found here

Event details can be found here

Registration information here

Camp information here

Fruita and Grand Junction info here


We hope you are brave enough to join us and be one of the lucky few to say “Co2uT? I did it first!”


Come friends and Gravel on!”


With great sadness Co2uT is postponed –

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Eternally optimistic – We’ll always be.

Committed, to you our riders, and the members of our community.

COVID – wins this round but we’re in this for the long grind (gravel style).

Round 2 – April 24th~!

Want to know more about the postponement? See Desert Gravel founder Morgan Murri’s message here.

Gravel on~