Co2uT 2022 100-Miler riders manual

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Co2uT 2022 100-Miler riders manual

April 14, 2022 | | Uncategorized

100-Mile Riders Manual Co2uT-2022

 This supplement contains information, rules, and details specific to your course.

You must also read the general riders manual for full event details.

Welcome to the Triceratops Course. Don’t let the gentle nature of her lull you into a false sense of serenity. This course is more about the horns than the gentleness of this giant. To make it you will have to ride smart, push hard and plan well. If you do, you’ll experience a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that you tamed the ICONIC desert century.

Things you need to know

Start time: 7:30 a.m. Downtown Fruita – Peach Street and Aspen.

The official end of the 100-mile race: 8:00 p.m. Downtown Fruita. Peach Street and Aspen.

Start Location.

All distances Begin in the parking lot on the north side of Civic Pavilion Park 325 East Aspen Avenue

Start Time.

7:30 a.m. Triceratops – 100 Miles

Event Parking.

Parking for all distances is Fruita Monument High School. 1102 Wildcat Avenue, Fruita, CO 1.5 miles from the start. Be sure to allow enough time to ride safely to the start and obey all road rules and laws.

Map from Parking lot to start.

Packet Pickup.

All Packets must be picked up Friday. There will be NO race day pick-up.

Packet pick location. Fruita Recreation Center 324 N Coulson St, Fruita CO

2 p.m. – 8 p.m. Friday, April 22nd.

Neutral Start – First 7 miles is a Sheriff’s lead escort. Nice and easy

You will roll out of and back into Fruita on paved city streets. To keep you safe and give you time to find your groove the first 7 miles are “Neutral.” NO RACING. Just after hitting the gravel on 18 road be prepared for a right turn off the main road. Inbound be extra cautious when you re-enter this busier 7 miles and ride back into city streets and traffic. Remember! All roads are open and will be busy with cars the closer you get to town! You will finish right at the park.

Important course notes.

At mile 23 you will approach State Highway 139. You MUST stop before entering the highway. It is just ½ mile to aid station #1 and back on gravel. Please, use extra caution on this road. The median is wide. Use it to stay far right.

When you are coming inbound. You repeat this same ½ mile in the opposite direction. Again, use caution and stay far right.

Mile 36. CAUTION You will be coming down a very long, rugged downhill. At the bottom of this hill, you abruptly enter a busy, paved road, open to the public. STOP! Check traffic before turning right and heading to aid #2

Aid #2 mile 38. Course Split!

You and the 125 riders turn left into the aid station and continue to the west. The 75mile route continues straight (North) on the asphalt.

Dropping Down

If you get to aid #2, mile 38, and feel like 62 more miles isn’t in the cards for you today you can “drop-down” to the 75 route here. Doing so, you will officially finish as a 75 miler. You will not be eligible for age group awards and you MUST notify an official at this aid station before continuing, providing your bib number and name.

Mile 44. Course Split!

Pay attention

This is where the 100 and the 125 depart. 100 milers slight left, 125 – hard right. From here on you alone get to ride straight down the Ut .Co. Co2uT border! Enjoy a few miles before swinging left back into Colorado.


You are required to have a flashing red taillight on and operational for the entire event.

Drop bags

You will be allowed one drop bag that will be delivered to aid station #2. This is mile 39 outbound and mile 61 inbound.

You must CLEARLY LABEL the drop bag with your name and race number. Mark it well – you will be required to find your drop back on your own. The better you label it the more organized we’ll have it.

It needs to be a reasonable size (such as a race-tote, musette bag) or 6 pack cooler. Drop bags need to be dropped off prior to your start on Saturday morning at the start/finish area (this zone will be marked). Drop bags may not be retrievable after the race until Sunday morning at the finish area. Any items/bags not claimed by end of the day on Sunday, April 24th will be donated.

Lastly and most importantly…

100 miles and over 5,000’ of gain is a big day. Add in wind, sand, more tough little climbs a lot of twists and turns, Triceratops will truly challenge you. If she starts to get you down… Doubt begins to creep in, your smile slips into a gritty, dusty frown and the dino breeding grounds have bruised more than your ego. Remember this. You are doing something that many cannot. You are brave. You are healthy. Just a few months ago you told yourself “I would give anything to just go to the desert and ride my bike.” That day is here and so are you. Look up, take it in. Truly – LOOK around you… and remind yourself how blessed you really are. Then, breathe deep, smile, and pedal on. We are waiting for you at the finish. WE believe in you. Now dig! Smile – Push. Repeat.