Co2uT 2022 30-Miler rider manual

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Co2uT 2022 30-Miler rider manual

April 14, 2022 | | Uncategorized

30 mile riders manual

 This supplement contains information, rules, and details specific to your course.

You must also read the general riders manual for full event details.

Welcome to the Fruitdens Course. She’s fun, she’s short (relatively), and our introduction to gravel, desert style!

If you’ve studied a course map you notice about ½ of your course is on asphalt to and from the desert. No way around it. We encourage you to do what we do when we ride to and from town. Take it in. Enjoy the desert as it comes to you. The morning light brings the colors on the cliffs to life. And, soon enough you’ll be working.

We’ve made up the middle of your route with an awesome sample of desert gravel. Twists turns, climbs, descents, and views that take in the Book Cliffs and the Desert. This won’t be the easiest 30 miles you’ve ever ridden. Perhaps it won’t be the hardest. Neither was our aim. What we have strived for is the most unique, fun, diverse experience we could squeeze into 30 miles. We hope this inspires you to come again and chase an even larger dino!

Things you need to know

Start time: 9:15 a.m. Downtown Fruita – Peach Street and Aspen.

Start Location.

All distances Begin in the parking lot on the north side of Civic Pavillion Park 325 East Aspen Avenue

Start Time.

9:15 a.m. Fruitadens – 30 Miles

Event Parking.

Parking for all distances is Fruita Monument High School. 1102 Wildcat Avenue, Fruita, CO 1.5 miles from the start. Be sure to allow enough time to ride safely to the start and obey all road rules and laws.

Map from Parking lot to start.

Packet Pickup.

All Packets must be picked up Friday. There will be NO race day pick-up.

Packet pick location. Fruita Recreation Center 324 N Coulson St, Fruita CO

2 p.m. – 8 p.m. Friday, April 22nd.

Neutral Start – First 7 miles is a Sheriff’s lead escort. Nice and easy

You will roll out of and back into Fruita on paved city streets. To keep you safe and give you time to find your groove the first 7 miles are “Neutral.” NO RACING. Just after hitting the gravel on 18 road be prepared for a right turn off the main road. Inbound be extra cautious when you re-enter this busier 7 miles and ride back into city streets and traffic. Remember! All roads are open and will be busy with cars the closer you get to town! You will finish right at the park.

Important course notes.

Your route is an “out and back”. Meaning you’ll ride 15 miles out to your aid station and turn around to ride 15 miles back the same way. Trust us It will look completely unfamiliar on our way back. Use caution after you turn around as you will be in two-way traffic with outbound riders.


You are required to have a flashing red taillight on and operational for the entire event.

Summing up.

We hope this is your intro to gravel. But, be it your first ride or one of many we thank you for joining us. As our entry-level route we want Fruitadens to be a fun sample of what gravel riding in our region is like. If we’ve done it correctly perhaps this will be the first step towards more gravel. We hope so. May you journey far and wide always knowing you have friends in the desert. Gravel on and we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!