Co2uT 2023 Update 5.8.2023

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Co2uT 2023 Update 5.8.2023

May 8, 2023 | | Co2uT 2023

Holy Dino,

One week to go before you head out to tame your monster! We are so stoked to have you head out and join us – Thank you!

We’ll send another update mid-week and another on Friday. Please read each update. Ya never know how things change here in the desert. Also, please refresh and download your RideWithGPS Co2uT experience Saturday so you have the most updated and accurate information.

We will also post all updates and schedules on our website, and you can find the full Fat Tire Festival schedule here too. Each day this week, we’ll post a tip/trick on our Instagram and Facebook @DesertGravel so stay tuned and follow along.

Volunteers – As you know [FIRSTNAME], these events don’t happen without a busload of volunteers, and we could always use an additional set of hands. If someone is coming along with you that would like to chip in please have them check out our Sign up Genius for shifts and duties. We’ll hook’m up with swag and beer, and if they pull a heavy shift, we’re happy to comp an entry for next year!

Maps/Route – Our course is well marked, yet we require you to carry your course map GPS file in your bike computer or phone (or both is even better!). Many have asked why? Our course markings tell you where to go but will not tell us where you are should you need help or get lost. Your GPS map will. So please, load it up and familiarize yourself with your route highlights, caution areas, and aid stations.


Here are links to all official 2023 courses

30 Miler

50 miler

75 miler

100 miler

125 miler


Our “Run from the Dino’s” 5k awards are ready! Bring the kids, dogs, strollers, and each other to loosen up those legs Saturday morning before your shakeout ride! Preregister here and use coupon DinoRunner to save $15!

Get those last few workouts in and pack up your rig – The desert and your MONSTER awaits!

Peace and Love,

Morgan, Grace, Jacquie, Jim, and all the Dino Wranglers!