Co2uT 2024 Crewing Manual and information

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Co2uT 2024 Crewing Manual and information

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LINK TO FULL MANUAL AND MAPS Co2Ut 2024 Crew & Support Manual

Crew/Support Manual

Welcome. We are honored to have you join us at Co2uT 2024. We are well acquainted with the “hurry up and wait / where the hell are they?!” drill. There are few roles in endurance sports more rewarding, more stressful, and more thankless than crewing an athlete.

Our number one priority is the safety of your rider. Each of you has someone you love out on our course. And each of you chooses to visit an aid station in support of this loved one In doing so, you are also responsible for their, your, and each others safety while crewing Co2uT. We have created this document with this forefront in our minds and require that you obey these instructions, directions, and rules if attending a Co2uT aid station. Please obey instructions from your assigned Aid Station Captain(s) at all times. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the course and the disqualification of your rider.

Additionally, please thoroughly review Aid Station locations and recommended driving routes to and between aid stations. Support crews caught driving on-course to reach an Aid Station outside of the permitted zones could be subjected to the same penalty.





Start and Finish for all courses is Civic Center Park – 325 E. Aspen Avenue in Fruita


Each aid station has a map from Fruita, and from one aid station to the next (i.e., Aid Station #1 to Aid station #2) 


No friend, family member, hired helper, etc., is allowed on ANY section of ANY route except those defined in this document as access to and from a specific aid station—riders disqualification in doing so. There is no access, no crewing, and no support for any rider outside of an official aid station.

When on the short segments of courses going to and from an aid station, riders have the right of way, and the speed limit is 20 mph. Pay attention, give room, and don’t make your rush to support someone a death penalty for an unassuming rider.

If you have time to burn at an aid station, waiting for your rider, offer a helping hand to others, the aid station volunteers, course marshals, etc. A little love goes a long way and travels in both directions.

If your rider needs to be removed from a course in a non-emergency situation and you want to get them, please – call Kevin at 970-389-6245 or Morgan (if Kevin doesn’t answer) 303-475-6053 to get insight on the safest way to get to your rider. Please have the riders’ route mileage available.


Each aid station has specific rules to be followed in regards to access, parking, spectating, and crewing. Please familiarize yourself with the details of each aid station on the following pages and, above all, refer to the aid station captain for guidance on how to support your athlete(s) in a safe manner.




Aid station #0

For 30-mile riders only.

The 30-mile route aid station is not open to crew or spectators.


Aid Station #1 – Mitchell Rd.

Outbound Rider Mile 23 (Inbound see details below)

Hwy 139 and Mitchell Rd.

Directions from Fruita

(Directions may say “Mesa County School District,” which is correct)

 Aid Station Captains

Cody Smith – 970-379-8329 Sara Semcheski – 610-506-3583


Turnaround 50

Outbound riders 75 | 100 | 125

Inbound riders 75 | 100 | 125

Outbound riders will approach from the North on Hwy 139. Inbound riders will approach from the West on Mitchell Rd. Please be aware of riders from both directions, as there may be some overlap!

 Crews and spectators must park on Hwy 139 before (South of) the aid station and walk to the aid station. ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on the highway North of the aid station as riders are on the highway for this section. State Troopers will ticket you.

This aid station is the turnaround point (and only aid station) for the 50-mile riders.

This aid station will be used by the 50, 75, 100, and 125 riders as their first and last aid station of their course.

Aid Station #1 will close at 7:00 pm.


Aid Station #2 – Prairie Canyon Outbound Rider Mile 39 (inbound see details below) 4 Rd and Prairie Canyon Rd.

Directions from aid #1 Directions from Fruita

Aid Station Captain

Melissa Newell – 573-864-5504

! CAUTION DRIVERS ! One mile before you reach Aid #2, you will enter the race course. Riders will be approaching Southbound on 4 Rd. and crossing both lanes to continue on course. You will be sharing the road with two-way auto traffic and riders racing. When you leave the aid station. Remember, riders will still be on this road!


75 Pass once, North to South Outbound riders 100 | 125

Inbound riders 100 | 125

 For the 75 riders, this will be their second aid station before heading back to Aid #1.

For the 100 riders, this will be their second and third aid station—they will return here at mile 57 and before heading back to Aid #1.

For the 125 riders, this will be their second and fourth aid station—they will return here at mile 84 and then head back to Aid #1.

Aid Station #2 will close at 5:30 pm



Aid Station #3 – Bryson Canyon Rd.

Outbound mile 60 – 125 milers only Book Cliffs Ridge Rd. and BLM 196 Directions from aid #2

You must take the paved road (4 Rd) South from Aid #2 to route to Aid #3. DO NOT DRIVE BACKWARDS ON COURSE FROM AID #2. DO NOT TAKE THE 100/125 DIRT ROUTE 1/4 MILE SOUTH OF AID #2.

Directions from Fruita

Aid Station Captains

Jim Reed & Western Slope ATV Association

!CAUTION DRIVERS! Four miles before you reach Aid #3, you will enter the race course. Riders will enter the paved road from the WEST (right) and continue 4 miles up to the aid station. Though the road is paved, it has many potholes and sees extensive truck traffic. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN PASSING RIDERS.

 This is mile 61 for the 125 milers. From here, they loop back to aid two. Reverse your map directions if you plan to meet your rider back at aid #2. DO NOT DRIVE FORWARDS ON THE COURSE FROM AID #3 BACK TO AID #2.

 Aid Station #3 will close at 3:00 pm



 All activities except for Aid Stations are located at Fruita Civic Pavilion Park Aid station locations and maps are in the Crew/Support Manual

Friday, May 3

 11:00 am – 10:00 pm Fruita Fat Tire Festival

2:30 – 8:30 pm Co2uT packet pick up

7:30 – 8:00 Rider Meeting and Welcome

Saturday, May 4

 7:00 am    125 mile UtahRaptor Start

7:30 am    100 mile Triceratops Start

8:00 am    75 mile Stegosaurus Start

8:45 am    50 mile Pterodactyl Start

9:15 am    30 mile Fruitadens Start

11:00 am    Anticipated first finishers, 30 and 50 mile

11:00 am    Beer Garden, BBQ and Gear Sale open

1:30 pm      Awards for 30 mile, 50 mile 75 mile

2:00 pm    Overall Awards for 100 and 125 (no age groups yet)

3:00 pm    Aid Station #3 closes (125 mile only)

4:30 pm    Age Group Awards 100 and 125 milers

5:30 pm    Aid Station #2 closes (inbound 100 aid #3, 125 aid #4)

7:00 pm    Aid station #1 closes (inbound 100 aid #4, 125 aid #5)

8:00 pm    Beer Garden closes, BBQ (we’ll keep beer and food on hand for any late arrivals.)