Co2uT 2024 official Courses

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Co2uT 2024 official Courses

April 21, 2024 | | Uncategorized

Dino-Mite riders! Every Dino has been ridden, reviewed, edited and improved and they are ready to bring it! Are you?

We strongly encourage each of you to open your map in RideWithGPS and review your course in detail before Co2uT. This year we have added several notes, locations, caution points, highlights and details to each course map file.

All courses, all routes within Co2uT take place on public open roads and you must obey the traffic laws, stripes and signs and ALWAYS stay right.

For all of you – This year we will depart Fruita going north on 17rd, then 16rd. The first 3 miles of the route is through residential neighborhoods and narrow. Law enforcement will be out and will remove you from the event for crossing the center line. Please – Keep it chill and stay in your lane. Plenty of time to gas it once you hit 16 rd.

The 30 mile course goes on it’s own at mile 14, turning right.

The 50,75,100,125 course continues straight, all on the same route to aid #1 mile 23 where the 50 milers will turn around.

The 75,100,125 continue together to aid 2, mile 39 with the 100 and 125 leaving the asphalt soon after. (We will post a YouTube video later in the week to show the flow for the 75,100,125 here)

INBOUND, all course will come out onto the asphalt at 18rd.13 miles from the finish. This is a very busy road and area for mountain bikers. Pay attention for traffic and other riders. 2 miles after hitting the asphalt on 18 rd ALL COURSES will take a hard left, across traffic back onto dirt. This 4 mile section is a bit tricky, plenty of ruts and dips but we promise you, it is WAY better than the groad and traffic of 18rd. Keep it chill and pay attention. You’ll come back onto 18rd for â…” mile of hell groad before nice sweet asphalt all the way to the finish line.

For all of you – once you hit the gravel on 16Rd. and before you come back to asphalt on 18rd. You will experience Desert Gravel. A beautiful, blissful challenge of varied terrain, surfaces and topography! We are confident, regardless of the Monster you’ve chosen to tame, this journey will be more challenging and more rewarding than you expected. That is our point – to challenge your inner self and your physical self more than you wanted too.

The title of Dino Wrangler doesn’t come easy. You gotta earn it. We are confident that you will and you will be the happier for it.

My final words of wisdom are simply but true.

If (when) you think you’ve had enough, when you can’t believe there is yet another one of those 200 yard ass kicking hills to climb, a section of Dino Breeding grounds to cross, or miles yet to go before you finish…

When you are down, look up! It is freaking beautiful out here – Remind yourself how lucky you are to have the body, the mind, the fitness to tame a seriously legit piece of this amazing place we call Desert Gravel. To ride your bike 30,50,80,100,125 miles across a landscape so remote, so challenging, so beautiful is a day you will remember. An accomplishment you won’t soon forget.

Peace, love and gravel on our friends – We will see you all soon!

Morgan, Grace, Kevin and the rest of the herd of Dino Wranglers

Co2uT final Course 4.18.24