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Desert Gravel Sponsors

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At Desert Gravel, we seek the very best in class to support you in your adventures with us!

Wonder what is the best bike, wheel, tire, computer, rack, nutrition or chamois to trust? Check out this list with confidence that if they are good enough for Desert Gravel they will absolutely serve you well!

In addition, these sponsors want to reward you for adventuring with us! You’ll find awesome event swag, prizes, and promos that will further remind you why Desert Gravel is “Like no other on Earth!”

Salsa Cycles - Title Sponsor. Official Bike and Fork

“Our event aligns perfectly with the Salsa brand and their mantra: ‘Adventure by Bike’. Just like us they believe riding bikes is more than just pedaling, or going fast. We believe our event will build community, solidify relationships, and give our riders an amazing experience,” said Event Director, Morgan Murri. “And we’re so pleased to have Salsa on board for all of it.”

About Salsa Cycles: Salsa’s mission is to build the best possible bikes and accessories for adventure. We believe that adventure makes life better. Our products lead riders to new places, new people, and unforgettable experiences. “Salsa Cycles is thrilled to partner with Desert Gravel in providing an inclusive atmosphere for gravel riders to savor the unmatched terrain on the Western Slope of Colorado,” said Lindsay Beltchenko, Marketing Manager for Salsa Cycles. For more information visit: https://salsacycles.com/

Team Evergreen - Co2uT, Philanthropic Partner.

More than a sponsor, Team Evergreen is our partner in Co2uT. Team Evergreens commitment to Colorado cycling and giving back to riders and their communities is in perfect alignment with Desert Gravel founder Morgan Murri’s core values. Giving, inclusion, riding, sharing, fitness, and adventure. What a great fit for Desert Gravel and the giving the Grand Valley will share in.

About Team Evergreen. Team Evergreen Cycling is the oldest and largest cycling club in Colorado. We produce the Triple Bypass, the Mount Evans Hill Climb, Beti Bike Bash and host numerous rides and events throughout the year. Our mission is to build the cycling community by expanding rider experiences, hosting compelling events, and channeling thoughtful philanthropic impact. A non-profit, we have donated nearly $3M to local charitable and advocacy organizations.

Skratch Labs -Official Nutrition

skratch labs makes sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because we use real food, starting from scratch. Our mission is simple – to develop and sell food and drinks that taste great, that are made from real ingredients and that solve problems for active people. Most importantly, we intend to educate and to continue to learn and grow ourselves – to help our customers improve and thrive as they help us to do the same. We know we have a lot of work to do to fulfill this mission and we are the first to acknowledge that we are a work in progress – that things won’t always be perfect. But there’s no better time to start than now.

Thanks for supporting our small and independently owned business as we work to support you and your active life. www.skratchlabs.com

Panaracer - Official Tire of Desert Gravel

“Panaracer receives a tremendous amount of sponsorship opportunities every year we’re very particular about which organizations we partner with,” said Jeff Zell, Global Go-To-Guy for Panaracer. “We’re really happy to come on board with Co2uT and Desert Gravel. Morgan has a great vision for gravel and we’re really excited to be a part of these crown jewel events.”

About Panaracer: High-quality and thoughtfully sourced materials blended with wonderful Japanese craftsmanship to create and offer the finest tires you can cycle on in all categories; gravel, racing, touring, urban and off-road cycling. www.panaracerusa.com

Knight Composites - Official Wheel of Desert Gravel

“A good wheel is only good if it can hold up to the abuse you throw at it. We get it. We build our wheels to ride across just about any terrain, in all conditions on the same wheels. Whether it’s race day or Wednesday, we don’t want to think about our wheels. We just want to ride. And that’s what we want for our customers, as well.” said Knight Composites Brand Manager, Brad Swaim. “We’re excited to be a part of Desert Gravel– events that are perfectly fit for our wheels… and truthfully  we all can’t wait to ride, ourselves.”

About Knight Composites: Though a small company, this Boulder-based brand is stocked in 38 shops across the US. With superior in-house engineering and manufacturing technology, they have complete control of the design and pride themselves on the precision of build that only a small detail-oriented crew can deliver. For more information visit: www.knightcomposites.com

Rocky Mounts - Official Rack of Desert Gravel

RockyMounts was born out of a need in the cycling community. Founded in a garage in 93′; they’ve always called Colorado home. “The Western Slope was excited to hear that RockyMounts would be moving to Grand Junction. Our community was thrilled to see this company and its employees eagerly immersing themselves in the culture that’s alive out here on the Western Slope,” said event director, Morgan Murri. “Their products are designed to eliminate worry, and built to withstand anything you can throw at them — which fits our vibe perfectly. Plus we love the tagline: ‘if you absolutely, positively cannot ride it there.’ That pretty much sums up Desert Gravel.”

About RockyMounts: For over 25 years, Rocky Mounts has been designing high quality products for outdoor enthusiasts and professional athletes to transport gear to their next big ride or backcountry adventure. Today, RockyMounts offers a full lineup of bike, ski and cargo racks along with a complete bike security collection. Their innovative and high quality designs will get your prized possessions to your destination with peace of mind. For more information visit: https://rockymounts.com.

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We are much more than an event company. We are passionate about the land, our region our community, all things bike, and most of all our people. Ya see at Desert Gravel we don’t have “riders” we have people. People we treat respectfully, equally and most of all kindly. We LOVE to share our wedge of the desert be it one on one or a few thousand at a time. If this way of doing business appeals to you too reach out – we’d love to chat and share more about how and why Desert Gravel is “Like no other on Earth!” [email protected]

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