Co2uT 2022 Welcome, Ride Guides, Maps, Locations

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Wow, Gravelers!

It is getting real – can you feel the dino love, [FIRSTNAME]? Are you fit? Are you afraid? Are you ready for us? We are READY for you!

First Things First, Welcome – Please take just a few minutes for a course update and welcome video here

Second –

Ride Guides, Maps, Schedule, Locations, and Crewing information.

Thanks to dynamo technology from RidewithGPS ALL of our information will be downloaded into your phone. Not only will this provide a one-stop-shop, but this will also ensure that if you don’t have a cycling computer route navigation will be on your phone. (Please remember – GPS nav on your phone does pull on your battery – so, we always recommend a bike computer with the phone for backup and emergencies! Or a backup power pack for your phone.)

Step One

Download the free RidewithGPS app to your phone here and create an account.

Once you are in your account on your phone, go to the “MORE” tab.

In the “More” tab select “Open Shortcut” and enter CO2UT2022 – (all CAPS)

“Download Manual”

Voila! You are in like a yucca spine to a shin!

Now – Carve out a nice slice of coffee, beer, wine, or tea time and review the information.

Our dino world is at your fingertips. How cool is that?

Your mandatory reading ride guide and route-specific guides are here. Your Crew information is here. All locations are here. The full schedule is here. Everything you need to know, on your phone.

Maps are worth highlighting.

Please, take the time to open the interactive map of your specific course on your phone. Using the 75-mile route as an example below you will see several icons. On your phone, you can zoom into each of these, tap it (also tap to close it) and get the very specific information at various mileage points across your route. Getting familiar with the key points along your course will provide you with confidence, highlights, caution points, aid stations, and course split points. We promise you – that it’s worth getting familiar with your route. (and for those of you that may drop down mid-event to a shorter option, get familiar with that route too).

If you want to view your interactive map on your full-size computer you can find all maps here

Example Screenshot of the 75-mile route 

What’s next?

The weather is looking awesome, perhaps even a bit too awesome. It may be pretty warm (and breezy) on race day. Get your hydration and wardrobe dialed. We will send updates next week with current details.

We will post several short videos highlighting key points along the routes. Things like course splits, major junctions, etc. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be in the know and/or follow us on Instagram or Facebook @DeserGravel

We’re not full yet

We do have a bit of room in the longer courses so get those riders on the fence to take the plunge – It’s going to be awesome.

[FIRSTNAME], Do you know someone that wants to lend a hand?

If you have someone coming along that likes to be involved without being on a bike we do need a few more volunteers (If they pull a 4 hour plus shift we’ll even add a complimentary entry to 2023) – plus a shirt or socks to the thank you bucket!

A huge shout out to The Pros Closet for stepping up and taking on an entire aid station! Plus – adding a sweet promo for free shipping with code DESERTDINO check them out!


Friday Morning Shakeout Ride – A Big Thank you to Physio Racing for hosting. Details in the Ride Guide Schedule. Friday 10 a.m. 20-miles of sweet preview (or 40 miles if you want to ride to and from the kickoff point)

We’re working with Ride or Die Collective on an additional ride – either later in the day, or connecting into this one – Stay tuned.


Alright [FIRSTNAME], dive in, study up and strap on those chaps and spurs – it’s about time to


Safe travels and see ya soon,

The Dino Wranglers

Morgan, Grace, Jacquie, Jim, and Debra



We want you to ride. If you don’t ride, we want you to volunteer

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Our goal is to showcase Desert Gravel with as many of you as possible. It’s a monumental effort and we love every moment of it, but, it takes a lot of volunteer support.

Our first priority is to motivate you to come to ride and experience this amazing terrain and beauty. But, if you can’t or you’re coming along with friends or family to check it out we’d love you to get involved and lend a hand. We have a variety of different ways to pitch in. Please click the pick for details on how you can help. We promise, somewhere along the way a very dusty, tired, and grateful Dino Wrangler will give you a most sincere “Thank You”. And, we’ll hook you up with an awesome Race T or Socks.


Co2uT 2022 Update – 30 days out!

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Can you feel it? The tiny baby antelope are coming out, the baby cows are wobbling about and the Raptor Traps are beginning to grow. It must be spring and that means Co2uT and dinos!

First off – Several distances are down to less than 100 open spots, so rally those friends. Remind them to register before April and get a personalized number plate!

Official Packet Pick up. 

Friday 4.22.22

Fruita Recreation Center 324 N Coulson St, Fruita, CO 81521

Friday. 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Official Start/finish location.

Civic Pavillion Park 325 E. Aspen Avenue Fruita, CO

Official Start times

Saturday 4.23.22

125-miler 7:00 a.m.

100-miler 7:30 a.m.

75-miler 8:00 a.m.

50-miler 8:45 a.m.

30-miler 9:15 a.m.

Official Race Photo’s from the total pros at Finisher Pix. Preorder your pix to save big, click the pic for the link.

Pre-order your race photos now and SAVE:

Food and Beer

All registered riders of legal age will receive a complimentary beer ticket. All registered riders will receive a complimentary food ticket. Food tickets can be redeemed at one of several onsight food trucks and potentially at a couple of nearby restaurants (stay tuned on that one.)

Awards Presentation Schedule

30, 50, 75 – Overall and age group. 1:30 pm

100,125 Overall 1,2,3 awards 2:30pm, Age group awards 5pm

Official Maps and Rider Manuals

Will be sent to all riders no later than 4.15.22. All courses have changed from last year and any map files prior to the official files sent will not be accurate. Yes, courses will be marked. Absolutely yes you should still use GPS navigation.

Tires and Course conditions

[FIRSTNAME], we’re not going to lie, it’s a bit burly out there in spots, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! All the wonderful moisture we’ve had does lead to some rutty sections but there is a heck of a lot of smooooth cruisy too. As things dry out most sections get firm, a few get sandy. We’ll give more specific updates closer to the event as it does change every few days. That all said – we’re big fans of fat tires (beer and treads) 40+ if you can, you’ll thank us at the finish.

We’ll keep wrangling the Dino’s. You all gather up those friends! It’s going to be one hell of a day out there and we can’t wait!

The Dino Wranglers!

Morgan, Grace, Jacquie, Jim, and Debra


Co2uT Training Plans information and Docs

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Greetings Gravelers,

A quickie for you based on questions I’ve been getting about your training plans. If you’d rather watch a video than read you can see this conversation here

Your training plans are based on two primary fundamentals.

1-Developing your high-end punch, or power, for the very short but often very steep hills, you will climb across Co2uT. This training comes in the form of short to very short, very demanding intervals. Usually 5 X 3minutes or 10 X 30seconds.

2-Developing your aerobic endurance for cruising through the long flowing beautiful miles. This training comes from long intervals, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length at a very moderate but very specific heart rate zone. In your training plans these workouts are called Endurance Intervals. These workouts specifically are prompting a bunch of questions. Here is why.

Many of you want to train on Zwift during the winter months. To accommodate this I have to create structured workouts that will apply to Zwifts protocols. Zwift won’t work with “zone” workouts and require a percentage of heart rate or a percentage of power workouts. So, for the Aerobic Threshold workouts, I have to define a percentage of your heart rate. (I selected 70% of your max hr) as a template. This is an educated guess only and for many of you will not provide the correct target for you. Apologies but I haven’t found a workaround.

As explained in the workout details and your required reading documents, link at the bottom of this post.  Each of you must do a FTP test to determine your current Lactate threshold heart rate. This is the average heart rate of your 20-minute test. You then multiply this average by .95, subtract 30 beats, then add 2 and subtract 2 to create your target zone. Example

Average HR for test. 150 beats per min (BPM) X.95=142.5. minus 30 bpm = 112.5, -2, +2 = a target zone of 110.5-114.5. THIS 4 BEAT RANGE, 110.5 – 114.5 IS YOUR TARGET HEART RATE FOR EACH INTERVAL. If you are training in zwift, you’ll need to adjust your effort to elicit this heart rate. For all of you, it generally works better to warm up and get above this zone, slowly lower your effort (and thereby your heart rate) and slowly drop into this zone. Versus, gradually working harder and harder to climb into this zone.

I hope this clears up this sometimes confusing topic. Everything else seems to be coming across pretty clear. Of course, any questions please shoot me an email [email protected]

In a couple of weeks, we’ll go live on Instagram for a Q & A session for you.

On a more fun note – we’re about to lock in our order for Kit – It’s super cool, and contrary to implications of “Italian Manufacturing” and our past jerseys – these are accurately sized and comfy (sizing chart is below the items on the order page). The 5 pocket gravel bibs are the bomb! And, the woman version are “shorts” without bib straps. The chamois in both are superb. Click the pic for more info and to place an order.


Happy Training all!

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers



Rexy and Moe – Final update

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Howdy Gravelers!

Can you hear it? Not sure if that is the ticking clock or the gnashing dino teeth? Whatever it is, it is close!!!

First and foremost – WELCOME. We are so honored to have you join us, to visit our community, and share this incredible, yet-to-be-discovered desert odyssey with you… Only you will get to say “I did it first.”

Reality check – It is going to be hard out there. Fortunately, though, almost none of you will ever know how much harder it could be. The conditions are going to be about as good as they can be. As of tonight the brutal headwind we always fear but relentlessly ride in looks to be on vacation (actually a tailwind much of the way – which we can promise you NEVER happens.) The Raptor Trap sand pits we’re famous for? History! The rain has packed it down to asphalt-like conditions where 8″ of sand usually sucks you down.

As with all good things – with the good comes the not so good. The challenge of your day will be that the rain has carved out ruts at the bottom of virtually every gully. Let’s say that again with feeling.

YOU WILL FIND RUTS AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY GULLY. They will wear you down, then they will irritate you, then you’ll be pissed and finally, you’ll accept it, take them in stride and always pay attention.

THIS IS A LEGITIMATE, SERIOUS WARNING! Most of the ruts are 8′-10″ wide and a couple of inches deep, you roll right across. Some are 20″ wide and 20″ deep, you slow down a lot or slam into them. Some are 30″ wide and 30″ deep, you slow way down, perhaps walk it or end up on with your nose in the mud.  NOT KIDDING! Please – be vigilant. Especially at dawn and dusk and even more so when it is dark.

From Course Creator Morgan Murri after riding most of the course last week.

“It’s really tough to judge these ruts until you are upon them. I can tell you I had the biggest get offs I’ve had in several years, riding roads I know better than anyone, hitting a dip that I was sure “wasn’t that deep” until I was in it. I was tired, the light was flat and I lost my focus at just the wrong time and was lucky I didn’t break my wheel and my shoulder, please, stay focused.”

The trade-off for these is all the other parts of the course with hardpack dirt, no sand and smooth fast conditions. While these ruts can appear anywhere they are most common when you are up higher in the hilly parts of the course. When you are going up and down – pay special attention. Nuff said.

Course Marking – The primary course marking is large hot pink arrows. The secondary, backup marking is smaller read arrows. You will find these markers on fixed items; signposts, cattle guards, BLM signs, and as you can see in these photos attached to Cyclocross stakes. Three additional variations.

XX means you are going the wrong way or Do Not Enter. We can’t put these at every potential “wrong turn” but do use them in areas with confusing options.

The Down Arrows with the Up Arrows on a single post (Pictured here) is our “Caution Symbol” If you see these. SLOW DOWN. 

DANGER sign. If you see this sign it is very serious and you must slow way down and be prepared to stop. DANGER means DANGER




Mud – You will likely encounter mud at some point. Especially around Cisco – We’re marking that section tomorrow, giving it as much time as we can to dry out so we don’t create tire ruts you’d have to ride through. Morgan will give an update at the beer meeting 8pm packet pick up as well as an announcement at the start of both distances. The mud here is super, super sticky, clay based. If it’s out there it comes in small batches and doesn’t last long. Slog through it, most likely walking, spin on when you can.

Weather – Did we say ideal? Looks to be almost perfect. The Rexy start will be chilly, and you’ll find the low valleys even cold early on. Once warmed up, with the sun and the forecasted tailwind breeze by mid-morning it really should be incredible. Shed a layer, smile, and take in the incredible colors drawn out of hiding by the fresh rinse of recent rain. Remember that when the sun goes down in the desert the temps go down with it. The finish will be chilly for Rexy riders.

Last but not least –  We’ve made a big deal about the fearsome magnitude of Rexy. Rightly so – It’s one hell of a journey. But truly, this is about that journey. No fear, nothing scary, just a wonderfully long day on your bike taking in miles and miles and miles of mind-blowing terrain. Embrace it. Love it, even when it hurts. We say it often, even put a few reminders out there for you, don’t forget to look up. Take it in. The beauty here is unique, tear jerking, and vast. When you’re down, look up and smile. Often, that is all it takes to completely shift from a low spot to a high one. Never forget how fortunate you are to be here. How amazing are you to be fit and able enough to accept this challenge? Seriously – you are amazing. Remind yourself of that from time to time and take a few moments to remember all those that can’t be here with us. Truly, we are blessed.

We can’t wait to see you all “on the line” and we really, really cannot wait to see you at the finish of this most epic journey.

Peace and Love gravelers,

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers