Rexy and Moe – Logistics

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Happy Fall Gravelers!

The season is quickly changing and Rexy and Moe are just around the corner.

This email is all about logistics and should address several great questions we’ve been asked recently.

But first! Registration will officially close on the 200 this coming Sunday evening anyone you know that is on the barbwire should get a nudge and get in soon!

Early Camp Setup?

YES – If you reserve a campsite you can leave your car/truck/van/trailer etc there Friday after 2pm. We’ll have a host at the campground to check your reservation and get you in the correct area.

Drop Bags?

YES – We will take drop bags to aid #2 – mile 78, aid #3 – Cisco Mile 114, aid #4 Thompson Springs Mile 154, aid #5 Mile 172 and the finish line.

Drop bags need to be a reasonable size (small duffle, daypack etc.) No suitcases, coolers, tents, sleeping bags etc. You MUST label your bag(s) with your name and bib number.

***Drop bags for aid #2,#3 will be returned to Fruita and will not be available for pick up unit Sunday morning in Fruita. Drop bags for aid #3,#4 and #5 will be taken to the finish line and while we will do what we can to make a trip or two Saturday evening/night it is likely they will not make it to the finish line until early Sunday morning.

Logistically helping one another

We’ve set up a Facebook Rexy Gravel Group. Use this to communicate amongst yourselves for advice, helping with shuttling, support, and logistics between riders, teams, groups, friends, and family. We’ll drop in from time to time to add input. Any specific questions should be directed to [email protected] the FB group can be found here

Speaking of shuttles

For the shuttle service to work for our service provider, each shuttle requires a minimum of 6 riders. Our understanding is that several of these minimums have not been met yet. If you need a shuttle get’r booked. Go here

Teams and Crew support

We’ll dedicate much of our next update to this topic as it requires several details. From a high-level logistics view, crew support and Teams support/rider change can ONLY be done at the official aid stations. The BLM specifically requires us to tell you that vehicles (other than our sag/sweep support) are not allowed on any portion of the race route other than aid stations.

In the next email, we’ll provide final course maps as well as aid station directions for crews and teams. Logistically it will help you to know the following.

Aid to Aid DRIVING time for crew

Fruita start to aid #1 is a 25-30 minute drive.

Aid #1 to aid #2 is a 45-minute drive and a 40-minute drive from Fruita.

Aid #2 to aid #3 is a 35-minute drive and a 40-minute drive from Fruita.

Aid #3 to aid #4 is a 25-minute drive and a 1-hour drive from Fruita.

Aid #4 to aid #5 is a 17-minute drive and a 1:15 hour drive from Fruita.

Aid #5 to Finish is a 40-minute drive and a 1:35 minute drive from Fruita.

Until next week – Gravel on and we’ll see you soon!

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers

Rexy and Moe October update 10.5.2021

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Greetings Gravelers,

Happy October – Fall is in the air, the desert is wet and green and Rexy and Moe are fit and ready for you, we hope you are just about ready for them too?

Many things for you today.

Community and giving – A special Halloween treat starts right now! 30% off for a special few that need a break this season – The deadline to apply is 10 pm on 10/10.

Desert Gravel is all about YOU – and sharing our desert and our riding with more of you. We’re about to wrap up registration but would love more of your rider friends to join us so hit them up and get them in.

We know 200 miles isn’t for everybody – To that end, Moe is a totally doable route and Rexy relay will be an absolute blast amongst friends! It’s going to be a big fire, a lot of cold beer, and some seriously howling good times as we cheer every single rider across the finish line!

And, thanks to a generous Desert Gravel fan we’re starting the treats off right now. Our “super-fan” wants to support riders in true financial need and is offering 4 team entries 8 Moe entries and 8 Rexy entries for 30% off! (this individual is personally covering the cost difference, wow!). The deal  is these entries are for riders that truly need financial support. So, find a friend in need that would love to ride. Have them email [email protected] with why they need the extra love or better yet – write something on their behalf. The Dino Wranglers will review all emails and select these additional riders on 10/13. It’s all about coming together, lowering the barriers to entry, and getting as many dino wranglers as possible out in the desert this fall!

Shuttles – This is the service you’ve asked for and we’ve worked hard to sort it out. Three different options for you.

Saturday evening shuttle from race finish to Cisco** Departures 8 pm $45 per person

Saturday evening shuttle from race finish to Fruita** 8 pm $80 per person

Saturday evening shuttle from race finish to downtown Moab 7 pm and 9 pm – No charge

Sunday morning shuttle from downtown Moab to Cisco and Fruita** 10 am $45 per person to Cisco, $80 per person to Fruita

**All shuttles to Cisco and Moab are limited availability, must be reserved in advance, and must have a minimum of 5 riders for each shuttle.

To book Cisco or Fruita shuttle – Click here.

To sign up for the campground to Moab shuttle email [email protected] with the subject line “Moab Shuttle” – Please include your name, Moe or Rexy, and anticipated finish time.

Finish line Camping –

Want to just get to the finish line and just crash? We’ll have cold beer, food and a bonfire going until the last rider crosses the line. We’ve booked the entire campground but sites are limited and must be reserved in advance. Availability is first booked first served as follows. Go here to book it.

Car campsite – 1-2 tents. 35 available $15 each

Sprinter/Van campsite. 20 available $25 each

Trailer/RV campsite. 10 available $35 each

Packet pick up and Start.

Packet pick-up options.

Rexy and Moe – Friday evening 10.29.21 6-9 pm downtown Fruita, Civic Pavillion Park 325 east Aspen Avenue.

Rexy, “morning of” packet pickup 5 am-5:30 am Saturday 10.30.21 morning at the start – Downtown Fruita, Civic Pavillion Park 325 e Aspen Avenue.

Moe “morning of” packet pick Buzzards Belly General Store parking lot Cisco, UT. 9am – 10 am Saturday 10.30.21

Riders beer and course update with the Dino Wranglers. 8pm Friday evening 10.29.21 Civic Pavillion Park. Downtown Fruita. 325 E. Aspen Avenue.

Start. Rexy, Solo, and Team 6am Saturday morning 10.30.2021 Civic Pavillion Park Downtown Fruita Co 325 e. Aspen Avenue. Neutral rollout – Sheriff escort.

Start. Moe Solo. 10:30am Saturday morning 10.30.2021 Buzzards Belly General Store – Cisco, UT.


Very Important Reminders.


All Rexy riders will be riding in the dark! With a 6 am start, sunrise at 7:40 am and twilight at 7:14 am the first hour will be full dark. For most of you, the same thing will happen again late in the day. Sunset at 6:16 pm, twilight at 7:15 pm – anyone out more than 13 hours will finish in the dark.

Moe riders – you’ll get a nice bright start but many of you too will finish between sunset and dark thirty.

Therefore – Lights are mandatory equipment for all Rexy starters and for any Rexy or Moe rider on the course after 6:30 pm. We’ll have aid station personnel checking your light system prior to any departure from any aid station after 5 pm. Trust us – It is legit dark out there. Low moon, dark canyons dark terrain. Be sure your light system is bright and long-lasting. We strongly recommend a light on your bars and on your helmet too.


Yes, our course is very well marked. Most riders in our Co2uT event told us they could have ridden any distance without computer navigation. We appreciate that, but still strongly recommend you use GPS navigation as your primary tool. It’s long, it’s dark, the wind can blow hard and the cows can and do eat course arrows (true story). We love our Stages Dash Computers and being a great sponsor, they are offering Rexy and Moe riders 20% off with coupon code desert20. Click the pic to learn more


Rider manual

Rules, requirements and final details will come soon. Our rules are simple and straight forward focused on fairness and safety. Nothing to worry about. Final course maps await one final sign off and we’ll have them out too. Maps will include driving and location directions of each aid station for your crews, family, support, and team members for you relay riders.

That’s it for now – anything you need please let us know.

Dial up those friends, book your shuttle and camp spot and most of all keep pedaling. Rexy and Moe are waiting for you!

Stay tuned and we can’t wait to see you in the Desert~

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers

Drop Bags and Race Results

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Howdy Wranglers!

Lot’s to come as we wrap up Co2uT – But first. Drop bags are at the finish line between the motor home and the building.

If the motorhome is gone, bags will remain on the table until this afternoon then collected.

Race results posted. Here – Congrats all. You’ve officially progressed from gravel riders to Dino Wranglers!

Cheers and thanks!


Stay tuned…

Co2uT updates 5.20.21!

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Cheers riders!

We are getting right down to it!

Crazy road construction downtown Fruita! Please use this new route for the quickest/best route to get from the parking area, Fruita Monument High School 1102 Wildcat Ave, Fruita, CO 81521 to the start.

Map to start

All riders! Timing Chutes.

Each and every aid station will have a timing chute. You MUST pass through the chute each time you come by an aid station. Fastest riders, please remember this should you choose to blow through any of the aid stations. A quick brake check, slip through and crank on.

185 Riders. Verifying Endless.


The only reason this course is 185 miles long is that is what it takes to get out to Endless and back. To verify you made it you MUST ride around to the back of the tank and either take a pic, or remove a page from the Edward Abby book there. You then show this page or pic to the aid station team following Endless at mile 102.

BEER at the finish!

We are buying you all a beer. A cold and tasty toast with the support of Fruita Rotary and our Friends and Suds Brothers Brewery! Don’t forget to carry your beer ticket in your jersey so you can crash on the grass and sip a cool one after you tame your Monster! Choose the SOB (south of the border) Mexican lager or Zeplin IPA.

Keep checking in and travel safe!

Welcome Co2uT Riders!

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Howdy Gravelers!

Since we can’t gather together this year for a big warm desert welcome we hope you’ll join chief Dino wrangler Morgan Murri for this welcome message video.

We are beyond stoked to see you all Friday and turn you loose Saturday to tame your Monsters!

Grab a beer, a margarita or cold lemonade and take listen.

Click the pic and feel the desert love.