Co2uT Map Day!

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Here it is gravelers – Map day!

You ask, we listen. We will provide an official course sweep. As in 1-2 vehicles maximum, per course capable of transporting 4-6 stranded riders each. This means you are still required to have a support person on hand to extract you should you break down or have a non-emergency incident that prohibits you from continuing. But we will have limited backup on all courses. You may take support from these official on-course vehicles only. If they assist you in getting back underway you can continue as an official rider. They will have LIMITED tools and supplies. If they pick you up they will get you to the next aid station. From there you’ll need to call your support person to come to get you allowing the sweepers to continue with sweep.
Additionally for those of you still struggling with support, our Facebook group is connecting those in need with those willing to help out. Use it and encourage your support person(s) to lend a hand, earn some beer or pizza or cash!

Maps, WOOT – WOOT!
Several hundred miles of courses, thousands upon thousands of feet in elevation gain, and a thousand or so left and right turns your Monster maps are ready!

We’ve put almost two years into creating the most interesting, most scenic, and most diverse routes possible for each of you. Please take the time to familiarize yourself and your support with this information and get your GPS devices loaded up, tested, and ready well in advance of race day.

If you are still on the cycling sidelines without a GPS device you need to bust a move. We’re here to help with a special incentive from our newest sponsor Stages Cycling, offering Co2uT riders a 20% discount on their awesome DASH computers. Order now and use coupon code desert20.

Official Maps and course information –
All riders are required to use GPS navigation at Co2uT.
We use Ride With GPS to create our master race maps, and this app will provide the most accurate and detailed map files.
We STRONGLY encourage you to download and use the Ride With GPS app on your smartphone as a backup to your cycling computer.
We STRONGLY encourage you to have your support person download and use the Ride With GPS app on their smartphone.
If you use the “premium” version of the app, you will also get “turn by turn” directions on the course.
The premium version has a free one-week trial – So downloading it Sunday or Monday would cover you for Co2uT without a fee.

All riders must carry a cell phone for use in an emergency or to request help from your support. As GPS navigation can drain battery life, we encourage you to use a GPS cycling computer like a Stages Cycling DASH50 for your primary navigation. Your phone is available to be turned on in a backup situation. Or carry an external charging device attached to your phone.

If you have an emergency or need your support person, the most effective way for EMS or your support to find you is to provide them the course you are on and your mileage. This is why your support person should also have the Ride With GPS app and Map.

**A lesson we’ve learned the hard way…. It is an intelligent idea for longer course riders (and their support) to also download the maps for shorter courses to use in the event you drop down to a shorter course, mid-race!**

All riders must download and either print or carry as a pdf on your smartphone your courses Cue-Sheets. These “Cue-Sheets” provide written navigation instructions.

While this may seem like a lot of work, the point is if you get it all done and have your systems loaded and functional, your race/ride will go smooth, the chance of getting lost or off-course minimized, and you can enjoy time riding, not worrying. And, like all essential systems, redundancy provides important peace of mind.

A quick perspective from Chief Dino Wrangler – Morgan Murri when he raced the unsupported 350-mile DKXL. “I was more freaked out about navigation than I was about the fact we had one section of more than 100 miles without access to water.” “To get rid of that fear so I could focus solely on racing, this was my setup.
A primary computer with a 14-hour battery life attached to a backup battery with 48-hour battery life. A backup computer with maps loaded. Ride with GPS on my phone with maps loaded. An additional backup battery device connected to my phone. Six double-sided minimized pages of laminated “cue-sheets.” I never missed a turn. I never had to activate a backup. I never worried about getting lost.”

Make an effort to CYA so you can go out and meet your monster, fully engaged.

Here we go!
All riders and crew – Ride With GPS app from your app store.

RideWithGPS GPS Race Map Files
Fruitadens – 30 miler – Small but rugged

Stegosaurus – 75 miler – Bit of a sting

Triceratops – 100 miler – Big but kind

UtahRaptor – 125 miler – Watch out for those traps

Allosaurus – 185 miler – Endless here I come

Route Maps with Cue-Sheets and Route Cue-Sheets only
are downloadable PDF’s and can be found on the Desert Gravel website here
Then look HERE under your distance for PDF links

To use the Map within the RideWithGPS app, simply open the link.

Support links for loading GPS file to various devices
Stages Dash – Find instructions here

Garmin Edge – Find instructions here

Wahoo – Find instructions here

Aid stations
All aid stations are stocked with:
Skratch Labs Energy Bars, Energy Chews, and their new Crispy Cakes!
Skratch Labs Hydration drink – Lemon & Lime and Grape.
Chocolate chip, Nutter butter, Peanut butter Ritz and Oreo, cookies.
Potato chips, Cheetos, BBQ chips, Doritos, Frito’s.

Aid station locations
Fruitadens 30 Miles
One aid station at your turn around mile 15.

Stegosaurus 75 Miles
Aid station 1. mile 22
Aid station 2. mile 39
Aid station 3. mile 53 (same station as #1 outbound)

Triceratops 100 Miler
Aid station 1. mile 22
Aid station 2. mile 39
Aid station 3. mile 60 (same station as #2 outbound)
Aid station 4. mile 77 (same station as #1 outbound)

UtahRaptor 125 Miler
Aid station 1. Mile 22
Aid station 2. Mile 39
Aid station 3. Mile 62
Aid station 4. Mile 86 (same station as #2 outbound)
Aid station 5. Mile 103 (same station as #1 outbound)

Allosaurus 185 Miler
Aid station 1. Mile 22
Aid station 2. Mile 39
Aid station 3. Mile 62  – Cut-off. Any rider after 6 hours from start time moved to the 125-mile course.
Aid station 4. Mile 102 – Cut-off. Any rider after 10 ½ hours from start time must abandon the race and call support.
Aid station 5. Mile 123 –  (same station as #3 outbound) Cut-off. Any rider after 12 ½ hours from start time must abandon the race and call support
Aid station 6. Mile 146 (same station as #2 outbound) Cut-off. Any rider after 14 hours from start time must abandon the race and call support.
Aid station 7. Mile 163 (same station as #1 outbound) Cut-off. Any rider after 16 hours from start time must abandon the race and call support.

There you have it, gravelers – Get those files load, get those maps and Cue-Sheets printed, get your support up to speed, and charge those phones and GPS units! That way, your ride will be heads up, taking in those views and taming your monster!

We cannot wait to see you all~
Prepare to Meet, and tame, YOUR Monster 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖!

Morgan and The Dino Wranglers

Co2uT – 2 weeks out – Official Update

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Greetings Gravelers – And Happy Mothers Day to all the moms in the group!
Only 14 days until Co2uT – Can you feel it?
Plenty of news – Grab a coffee, sit back, and read on.

Most importantly – PACKET PICK UP LOCATION CHANGE! You asked we listened. Packet pick up is Fruita at the Community Center 324 N. Coulson St. Fruita, Co. 81521
Friday 5/21/2021 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
NO race day pick up. Yes, someone can pick up your packet for you. They will need your name and registration number, located in your confirmation.

Updates and announcements as race day approaches – Save this page as this will be the official update and announcement platform from now until race day!
We also encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @desertgravel for breaking news and additional information.

Reminder to read your riders’ manuals – These have been UPDATED since our last email.
ALL riders MUST review TWO manuals. The general manual applies to every participant, PLUS each distance has a specific manual. To review and/or download both of your manuals
go to the webpage. Upon arrival scroll down the page to the event icons for each distance (shown below). Under your distance, you will find a pdf link for both of your manuals.

Maps –
Official course maps are 99 % complete, awaiting one final edit from the town of Fruita.
As you know, you are required to carry and use a GPS-enabled device to navigate Co2ut. As there are many options for devices and ways to handle this we will send a separate email devoted to this topic. The email will contain links to official map GPS files, links to how to load files to various devices, and links to turn-by-turn directions (which we strongly recommend you print and carry on race day).
Our official files are created in the RideWithGPS app. We strongly encourage you to utilize this app on your smartphone for race day as a backup device for navigation. They do offer a 7 day free trial for the premium account with turn-by-turn directions, and a free basic account offering course navigation.

Important Course Insight Videos:
Chief Dino Wrangler Morgan Murri has been out on the course highlighting many of the critical locations and decision points for each course. Check them out. Or, don’t say “we didn’t warn you!” This playlist will continue to grow until race day so check back regularly.

Tires – The question of the month is without a doubt – TIRES. We are stoked to announce a great promotion from Kenda Tires. We’ve been out on the dinos and their rubber is Sa-Weet!
Both the new Alluvium and the tried and true Flintridge. Just in time for Co2uT use promo code KENDAPRO25 at  for a 25% off discount.
In any tire choice, we like at least 40’s and personally, we’re all on 43-45’s.

Your support person, rescue, and volunteers.
IF you have a medical emergency call 911! EMS is on standby for emergencies.
Otherwise as defined during registration and the riders’ manuals each of you is required to have a support/rescue person on site should you need to be rescued from the race.
If you need help for a non-emergency you call your support person to come and get you.
We will send a separate email with the most current course conditions, forecasted weather, and map links for your support person as well as an emergency bail-out map for each course during race week.

Several of you have let us know that your local COVID and travel restrictions have made it tough to bring someone with you.
To that end, we’ve created a Facebook group to match those of you with willing support persons to be on call for other riders. We do allow “shared support.” Those of you in need of support can go to this group looking for backup. We hope in the Desert Gravel spirit of “we’re all in this together” those of you with good back up will lend a hand to these riders in need. We encourage those in need to offer cash, beer, pizza, etc for this kindness. The group can be found here. Click the pic to lend a helping hand!

COVID rules are continually evolving and will be updated as and if they change. Unless otherwise stated we are masks on for all race-related activities (except while actually riding) and no mass gatherings.

Riders’ Meeting/Briefing/Welcome
As we will not have a mass gathering in-person opportunity to welcome you and brief you in person, race week we’ll provide a video welcome, with last-minute updates and additional things you need to know. Until then – watch the short course videos and stay tuned into the website for continuing updates.

We are beyond stoked to see you all in Fruita!


The Dino Wranglers


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Packet pick-up change! – Fruita Community Center 11 a.m. – 9:30 pm Friday, May 21st.
324 N. Coulson St.
Fruita, CO, 81521

You ask – we listen. Packet pick-up HAS MOVED to Fruita! A big thank you to our sponsor Rocky Mounts for giving up the packet pick-up role and taking on an entire aid station. Tell’m thanks when you hit aid #2

And a huge THANKS to the town of Fruita for giving up their Community Center for packet pick up.

There will be NO race day packet pick up. You’ve got to make it Friday.

Covid rules in place – Please, no friends and family and masks on.

This location is conveniently located just northwest of downtown Fruita, walking or riding distance from most restaurants and lodging.


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Just over two weeks to go gravelers! Can you feel it?

Official and Final maps for all courses will be coming soon. IF you’ve downloaded any maps previously delete them now to avoid confusion.



Co2uT Gravel Race sets to reopens Registration!

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Co2uT registration sets to reopen! Thursday morning January 14th it is ladies only for 24 hours followed by general registration Friday, January 15th, 8 a.m. MST. Slots in all distances are limited.

Text your friends, set your alarm clock you don’t want to miss this one.

2020 is in the rear-view mirror – vaccines are a real (slow but real) thing and our optimism is full stoke for 2021.

Therefore, we’ve reset the date for Co2uT, our kick-ass gravel race/event. Late May in our region is ideal gravel weather with cool mornings and evenings and beautiful daytime temps so it’s May 22nd, 2021 for your chance to meet your monster!


75 million years ago dinosaurs ruled this region and we are bringing them back!

Whatever your gravel appetite we’ve got a monster just for you –

The menu begins with our cute little Fruitadens 30 miler

Steps up to our 70 mile cute but sassy Stegosaurus

Stops on up to our tough, solid 100 mile Triceratops

Then the tenaciously tough 125 mile Utahraptor

And finally, for the truly brave 190 mile Allosaurus!


All riders get a complimentary 16 week handcrafted training plan specific to each distance by Amaze Your Self Coaching professional cycling coach Morgan Murri to help you fully prepare. For the full immersion preparation, we have 3 training camps on course with a specific focus to get you ready!


Event video can be found here

Event details can be found here

Registration information here

Camp information here

Fruita and Grand Junction info here


We hope you are brave enough to join us and be one of the lucky few to say “Co2uT? I did it first!”


Come friends and Gravel on!”