REXY, Queen of the Desert Race Date 10/30/2021

Registration is open!  – Join us in the desert this halloween~

Salsa has a motto perfectly aligned with Desert Gravel - We couldn't have said it better ourselves

"Adventure by bike" - We are beyond Stoked to have them as our title sponsor!

COVID-19 is teaching us all important lessons.

Registration and Refunds must be different

These times are crazy and filled with uncertainty. As a brand-new event, we don’t have the luxuries of  an established event (sold-out lotteries, waitlists, a big marketing budget, etc.) So we’re going to do everything we can to produce a high quality, safe experience for everyone this year while recognizing that we may get to a point where that becomes impossible. Uncertainty, you know? 

What we can promise is this:

When we pull this off, it is going to be a seriously great time and a great ride. And it’ll be for great causes. Our Team Evergreen partnership is about philanthropy and giving. The money raised here will be donated locally to groups and charities in need.

Our courses, our gravel, our community, our venue, and our people are astonishing. As we like to say, “You’ll come for the event and stay for everything else!”

We are asking for your help to launch our event. Co2uT will happen this year it’s just a matter of when. You have our promise that we will do everything to ensure your health and safety while delivering an epic adventure.

With these beliefs in mind, we anticipate selling out our 1,000 slots this year.  We’ve created an industry-leading registration and refund policy to give you peace of mind. We want you to register for Co2uT with confidence.

None of us knows if COVID-19 will flare-up in the future.

No doubt we have costs to cover hosting our events, but with great partners and solid planning, we are pushing commitments back as far as possible in our schedule. In doing so, this allows us to offer the following reassurances:

First, we provide you the option to purchase a very reasonable and comprehensive insurance policy when you register that covers you for many of life’s unexpected issues. Second, If our event must cancel due to a flare-up of Covid-19 we will provide the following options.

1- Full deferment to Co2uT 2022


2 – A sliding scale refund

60+ days out  100% refund

45-59 days out 75% refund

30-44 days out 50% refund

15-29 days out 25% refund

14 days or less – no refund. 

If you’d like to hear our video message on this topic from Desert Gravel founder Mogan Murri click this link.

Gravel on-

Peace, Love, and Health!

We hope this gives you further confidence that when it comes to Gravel – We’ve got your back.

Partnered with Team Evergreen - Giving to the Grand Valley