Rexy 200 mile Teams Playbook

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Rexy 200 mile Teams Playbook

October 20, 2021 | | Uncategorized

Teams Playbook

How it works

Howdy Rexy Teams! Wow, can you feel it? 10 days are you are off on one EPIC adventure!

The strategy behind our Teams division is to allow a group of riders to share the Rexy 200-mile route between friends. The tactics for the Teams are up to the individual team members. The goal for the Teams is to have a blast and embrace the journey collectively.

All Teams and individual team riders must also review and follow the events’ general rules.

Additional rules and procedures for Teams Rider

  • Teams may be 2, 3, or 4 riders.
  • Regardless of the number of riders per team, all teams fall into one of two divisions: Women-only team consisting of only female members, and open any team not comprised of all women.
  • No team may use a rider not included in their registration roster. (No substitutes)
  • Teams may change riders ONLY at any of the five official aid stations, no exchanges anywhere else on the course.
  • Teams are not required to change riders at any specific aid station. (A rider may ride farther than aid station to aid station.)
  • Teams may choose to have any member of their team ride any section of the course.
  • The course must be ridden east to west, beginning in Fruita, Co and ending at the Lone Mesa Group Campground outside of Moab, Ut.
  • Rider exchange
  • Each team member will receive a commemorative Team Number Plate with their team’s name on it.
  • Only ONE of these plates will have a timing chip attached to the back of it.
  • This “chipped” number plate is your team’s official number plate.
  • This plate must be mounted to the bike that will be ridden in the upcoming section of the course.
  • When riders “exchange” at an official aid station, the team’s official “chipped” number plate must also be exchanged to the new rider’s bike.
  • When an exchange happens, the team must confirm the exchange with an official at the aid station. This official will log the exchange and the time of the exchange.

Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team in each of the two divisions (Women and Open) based on the cumulative time taken to complete the entire course.

Crew and support aid station locations and Maps

Below are google map links from the starting line in Fruita to each aid station location as well as directions from each aid station to the next. If your map link provides multiple options do not select any option that would take you onto a dirt road, this would put you on the event course and be grounds for disqualification.

Fruita to aid 1

Fruita to aid 2

Aid 1 to aid 2 do not Take the dirt road option, Use the 4 Rd south route!

Fruita to aid 3

Aid 2 to aid 3

Aid #4 has an on-sight Food Truck and they’ll have a couple “event-specific” food options for purchase for riders and crew/support

Fruita to aid 4

Aid 3 to aid 4

Fruita to aid 5

Aid 4 to aid 5

Fruita to Finish line

Aid 5 to finish line do not take the dirt road option, Use I-70 East.

Ride smart, smile big, and gravel on, We’ll see you at the finish line!

Morgan and the Dino Wranglers