Rexy Teams Aid to Aid maps

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Rexy Teams Aid to Aid maps

October 20, 2021 | | Uncategorized

Howdy Team riders!

Someone emailed us with a great suggestion. How about aid station to aid station maps files?

We love that we do all we can to get you what you need and you all keep it real by pointing out great ideas that we miss – Thank you!

We do suggest that all of you download the complete course map (better safe than sorry) but for tactics purposes here are links to maps one aid to the next.

Also – A bit of confusion about the finish. We are finishing officially at the Lone Mesa Group Campground. All are welcome (contrary to what the website says). We changed this to avoid riding on the highway.

Rexy relay segments

Start to aid 1 – 41 miles

Aid 1 to aid 2 – 34 miles

Aid 2 to aid 3 – 38 miles

Aid 3 to aid 4 – 40 miles

Aid 4 to aid 5 – 18 miles

Aid 5 to the finish!

Thank you for keeping it real.

Mapster Morgan