Meet Rexy – A mind-blowing gravel extravaganza odyssey!

Fruita, CO – Moab, UT 200 miles! Cisco, UT – Moab, Ut 90 miles!


50% off *”gravel-girl”* coupons to the first 50 Solo women that join us. Pay the regular price and your gravel girl’s in for 50% off!

Solo or relay teams of 2, 3 or 4

Come experience what all the Desert Gravel buzz is about!

One big and one small (kinda) MONSTER’S this Halloween!

October 30-31 2021!

One Dino reigns supreme! - Do you have what it takes to tame her? 200 mile, 90 mile or 200 mile relay option. Desert Gravel, Like no other on Earth!

We've learned that by taking on audacious goals
pushing yourself into the very deep end of the sandbox
packing your entire life into one huge day
you'll be changed - for the better

Rexy is here to do exactly that - 208 miles of incredible adventure Desert Gravel "Like no other on Earth"

Want to break it down a bit?
Round up three kick-ass friends
carve her up into "bite-size" chunks
and relay as a team of 4!
Rather go solo but not up for 200 miles? No problem. Rexy's little Moe is just the ticket @ 90 miles of sweet Desert Gravel!

Rexy Solo 200-miles A beautiful act of survival

Entry cost $248. An adventure you won’t soon forget! Click the pic for details, map & elevation profile

Rexy little Moe 90-miles. Amazing, just fewer miles!

Entry cost $148. Don’t have the time or are not quite ready for the big monster? Little Moe is just the ticket! Click the pic for details, map & elevation profile

Rexy Relay - 2, 3 or 4 person relay 208-miles All woman or Open. - Bite size

Entry cost $500 – Think 200 miles divided by 2 3 0r 4 is easy? With over 11,400′ of climbing think again. We promise you’ll each get your money’s worth.

What is riding desert gravel like?

Co2uT is an instant classic gravel event. Spectacular vistas all around and incredibly challenging riding beneath your tires. The ultimate gravel experience is to end the ride both exhilarated and entirely spent. Full marks on all fronts for CO2UT. Doug Wilwerding – Steamboat Springs, CO


The CO2UT is a fabulous event! From initial information provided to packet pickup to amazing staff and volunteers to an unbelievably awesome desert route! Can’t wait for the next event 🙂!!! Bob Watkins

This was hands down one of my favorite biking events that I’ve ever ridden in. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and just took my time riding and enjoying the beauty of it all. Everyone that I met that day could not have been nicer. Fantastic event and great memories. Thank you, guys! For the entry, my name is Beau Looking forward to next year.

What our riders are saying

Desert Gravel CO2UT 190 was the perfect mix of everything beautiful, challenging, and “fun”. I was blown away by how we rode almost the entire thing on dirt, little to no pavement or cars! Added bonus, you’re weaving between beautiful book cliffs and watching the backside of the La Sal mountains (in Moab) get closer and closer. There is such a fun adventure vibe to the entire event, a lot of folks are out there to challenge themselves, a lot of us (myself included) signed up just to see what we could accomplish! And what a way to do just that, there is a refreshing mix of serious racers and first-timers out there on the course to keep you motivated. Plus the aid stations every 20 or so miles is such a nice safety net, just when you start to feel like a crazy person for doing the thing you’re doing there are ready available snacks and the nicest volunteers out there helping you finish! I truly give this race a 10/10 for spirit and riding! Sarah Zoey Sturm – 2nd overall woman. 2x SS CX National Champion

The 190 course was absolutely spectacular, it never got boring and was always changing and challenging, the aid stations were oasis’s and the energy and excitement from volunteers kept us racing our hearts out. I can’t say enough positive things about this race. I would 100% recommend this race to others in the future no matter the distance they choose. Starla Teddergreen – 3rd overall woman

Take two of the most iconic cycling towns in the U.S. Fruita - Moab

Connect them together with mind blowing roads few even know exist

Add incredible views and a never-ending variety of terrain

11,400′ of climbing

And that my friends is one hell of a gravel day!

This ain’t no Kokopelli trail

DESERT GRAVEL “Like no other on Earth!”


Click the Solo or Teams map for information

Looking to go huge and solo or sharing a big day with friends?

Rexy has what you need and then some!

Click our map to see the route* and elevation profile.

Don’t be afraid, she’s way prettier than she looks.


*The Route may change and adjust to improve your experience – distances and elevation change will remain similar to what’s shown.

Click the pics to see event details. Photo 1 for solo photo 2 for Moe and photo 3 for relay info.

You against her, 1 on 1

Rexy 200 Solo


Moe - Small (by T-Rex standards!)

Moe 90-miler Solo


Team of 2, 3 0r 4 - It's still 200 miles!

Rexy 200 - Team Relay


Looking to preview Rexy? - We've broken her down into segments. Read on.

When it is safe to visit the desert AND  you promise to follow the state, regional and local rules regarding COVID-19 and always respect social distancing we’re willing to share the entire Rexy course. Provided in aid station to aid station segments. Also, these segments reflect the race day segments and location changes for relay teams.

Before we do – two HUGE disclaimers.

1- We’ve gone to extreme lengths to design this course. It takes the best, most interesting,  challenging and scenic route. While the roads are public these maps are proprietary to Desert Gravel, llc. Please respect our work and this public land when you ride it.

2- The desert is an extreme environment. There is NO SUPPORT and NO WATER out there! You are using these maps at your own risk and we take no responsibility for what may happen to you out there. If you use one of our maps you are acknowledging and accepting these risks and releasing us from any and all liability. Getting lost, getting injured, suffering dehydration are real possibilities and you are responsible for yourself. Before you go we strongly advise you to study your ride, have a bale out plan, let someone know where you are riding and when you’ll be back. Carry twice the water you think you will need and if you’re going long find someone to meet you along the way and resupply.

P.S. share your feedback and have a blast.


41 miles. 2,500' of gain

Rexy Segment 1. Fruita start to Aid Station #1


37 Miles, 2,200' of climbing

Rexy Segment 2. Aid #1 - Aid Station #2


32 Miles 1,500' of gain

Rexy Segment 3. Aid station #2 - Aid Station #3


42 miles, 2,800' of gain

Rexy Segment 4. Aid station #3 - Aid station #4 Penultimate Segment!


18 miles, 500' of gain

Rexy Segment 5. Aid station #4 - Aid station #5


28 miles, 1,800' of gain

Rexy Segment 6. Aid station #5 - Timing Finish!


10 miles, -200' of gain

Rexy Segment 7. Timing Finish - Race Finish!


Rexy - Far More than -Just a race...

A few words from Desert Gavel and Rexy creator Morgan Murri

“I grew up in one of the most remote desert locations in the country, a couple of hundred miles from here in a tiny little spot called Bullfrog on the shores of Lake Powell. A one-room schoolhouse, kindergarten – 8th grade with about 30 kids. I was lucky enough to end up in Vail Colorado and became a diamond and gem buyer and was blessed with a job that allowed me to travel the world. Always an adventurer and eventually an ultra-endurance athlete I’ve race across the US, Europe, a little in Asia, and Africa. From the lows of Death Valley to the highest dunes in the Sahara desert to the highest of Colorado’s Rockies. However far I roamed – this Ut. Co. desert is where I call home. In my opinion, it is as unique and as beautiful as anywhere on the planet.

As my dream of sharing my love for this place begin to take the form that was to become Desert Gravel I searched for the ideal venue to do the two things I love most. Complete immersion in the incredible beauty here – while challenging ones self against an incredibly difficult environment and distance. Not only does Rexy exceed my wildest imagination. It connects two of the coolest towns I know by gravel bike!”

Rexy - She's nicer -than she looks!


2021 Solo Participant Limit


25 Woman and 25 Open Teams




Hours to get it done!

Registration is open! Only 500 solo Riders and 50 teams get to join us this year.

Race date October 30-31st, 2021

frequently asked questions

What are the key things I need to know about this event?

1 – This is a “Point to Point” event. Rexy will begin in Fruita, Colorado, and ride 200 miles to Moab, Utah. Little Moe will begin in Cisco, Utah, and ride 90 miles to Moab, Ut.

2- Of course it is hard. It is 208 miles and gains more than 11,000′ of elevation. That said the roads are GREAT! This is a “Gravel Race” and not mountain bike style technical terrain. Terrain sample videos can be found here. If that sounds like too much Moe’s 90 miles could be just the ticket for you.

3- We have 5 full aid stations in Rexy and 2 for Moe. They are approximately 18-42 miles apart.

4- There is a time limit and cutoffs but we want you to finish! You have 23 hours and 59 minutes to get it done. This is approximately 9 mph and until Midnight to finish Moe.

5- This is an ultra-endurance adventure event. In this spirit, you are on your own between aid stations. We will have limited, neutral, sag support on course (We will have “sweep” for the course ensuring nobody is left to the Din0’s) Receiving outside aid or support, except from other participants, is not allowed and grounds for disqualification from the event.

6- There are two options for participation in Rexy. Solo. Or, a relay team of up to 4 riders. Relay teams will be either A, all female members, or B, any other combination of up to 4 riders. Only 1 relay rider rides at a time. Relay teams may exchange riders only at any one of our 5 official aid stations. Moe is Solo only.

7- This is a race. Awards (very cool awards) will be given to all finishers and Solo overall male and female top 3 finishers and “age-group”  top three finishers. Team awards will be given to the top 5 teams in each of the two categories.

8- This is much more than a race. This is a true desert adventure! YES, you can come out to crush it. More importantly, you can come out to this incredible part of the world and test yourself. You against you in a most beautiful place and end up in Moab Utah.

9- Crew support at aid stations is allowed. We encourage them to be there for you for additional support, both nutritional and moral!

10- Yes, we will have a kick-ass celebration and awards party Saturday at the finish line – Lone Mesa Group Campsite

So many big events end up with no lodging available. What's it like there?

We know that crappy feeling… You get it, you pull the magic lottery ticket and then you scramble for a place to stay. Nothing but No-Vacancy everywhere you look.

Not here. With more than 2,000 local hotel rooms, hundreds of short-term rentals and plenty of camping at both the Fruita start town and Moab finish town. Our Fruita lodging partner will be offering discounts to racers and on the Moab end we will have a limited but very special lodging opportunity. Stay tuned!

We start in one amazing town and end in another, how does that work?

These events start and end in world-class cycling venus. We strongly encourage you to make this a destination event/vacation, something for your entire family or ride group. We can’t even begin to list the road, mountain, and gravel cycling opportunities. Let alone the hiking, climbing, sightseeing, dining, camping, exploring opportunities.

Additionally, we’ve structured these routes to have easy access to Interstate 70. As a rider, you will feel like you are absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The reality is aid stations are not far from the roadway and allows easy access for your family/crew to follow the event and support. In doing so, they will end up in Moab too.

We set Moe up to fit into the overall schedule. The start in Cisco will be at 10:30 a.m. This will allow riders or support to be in Fruita for the full Rexy start and easily make it to Cisco to start Moe.

We are working hard to find a shuttle service to provide transportation from the finish back to Cisco and Fruita. At this time we haven’t figured it out but we are working on it.

So aid stations are crew/spectator accessible?

Aid stations for the course easily accessible and do allow access for the crew, friends, and family for outside support. These defined locations can be found above in the course info. Within these open-access aid stations, riders are allowed and encouraged to meet with their crews and families for mechanical, nutritional, and moral support!

Beyond these defined ‘open access’ aid stations All courses are closed to outside support and riders are not allowed to accept support, crew or aid outside of ANY designated aid station.

At Desert Gravel we want riders and their support to be involved and part of the action. We also want to honor the adventure of gravel riding and the self-reliance appeal of the sport.  If a rider does receive this outside assistance they become disqualified from the event.

Please take the time to review your course, develop a support and crew plan and determine at which open access aid stations you would like your crew to meet you.

Aid Stations. We want you to have the hydration and snacks you need.

Aid stations. All aid stations have water, hydration drink, and an array of snacks and energy nutrition provided by Skratch Labs. Aid stations are approximately 40 miles apart.

We want you to have your family or friends cheer you on and provide additional support. Aid stations are crew accessible. These “crew accessible” aid stations are the ONLY place riders are allowed to receive outside support. Crew on other parts of the course is not allowed and taking outside support (except from a fellow rider) is grounds for disqualification.

Will the courses be marked and how do I find my way?

Rexy will be marked. Not every turn and option but key decision points and intersections. GPS is required for all riders and will add confidence your on course.

Rexy takes place on open, active roads. You are required to obey all traffic laws and ‘rules of the road’ – such as staying on your side of the road and paying close attention on tight turns, curvy segments and always being on the lookout for oncoming traffic. Don’ t let the remote nature of this event or your location lull you into a sense of forgetting that others may be just around the corner and coming your way!

GPS Map Files and cue-sheets (turn by turn directions) will be available electronically for download and will be emailed to racers. You should print these and carry them with you. You should also provide copies for your crew.

Downloadable GPS files will be provided to all racers and should be shared with your crew.

Other than a fantastic gravel race what do I get?

Swag and Awards.

Great swag – we love it. Bad swag, turns into rags to clean your bike with. We are all about GREAT swag.

Every rider receives – A cool t-shirt you’ll actually be proud to wear. Socks that are better than the shirt and a course-specific finishers’ award that you’ll want to show off.

Awesome awards – Solo Age group awards (each 10 year bracket). 1st, 2nd, 3rd places receive an award that will become coveted and iconic in the gravel world.

Queen and King of the Desert overall awards for solo and team categories as well as top five overall finisher in the solo and two team divisionsl

Beer. A lot of excellent beer for all of those riders 21+ and plenty for purchase for family and crew.

Food. Finish line recovery, snacks and calories to get you back up and active.

Plenty of extra tees, socks, hats and jerseys for sale for you and/or your family and crew. So you can all go home and show the world that you came to the desert and conquered Rexy, Queen of the Desert!

What is the best bike to use and recommended tire size?

This is a gravel event. Our top choice is a gravel bike. Getting low, and grinding out the miles happens faster and more comfortably on a gravel-specific bike.

That said – If you want to ride your mountain bike, no problem. No big rocks, drops or ledges (that’s mostly on the other side of the highway) so lockout suspension or a hardtail would be ideal.

Tire size is a big debate in today’s gravel. These courses, on most days, are smooth enough for anything in the 30’s. We personally like 38’s -42’s for the extra absorption and float if the sand comes out. We’ll keep course conditions updated as the race date approaches.

How hard is Rexy?

200 miles on a flat road is hard. 200 miles of almost all gravel and dirt, with over 11,000′ of climbing? She’s tough!

But, that is the point after all. Right? Rexy is your chance to define your new “possible” It can be done, comfortably (as comfortably as 200 mile rides can be) within the 24 hour time limit by riders that have prepared correctly. We know, we’ve done her ourselves, many times. We have a generous cutoff time of 24 hours because we want you to finish. Yes, it’s freaking hard. Yes, there are some epic, steep climbs that most of you will have to walk portions of, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views and an accomplishment you will NEVER forget. If that sounds like too much, or you just aren’t sure. We have the answer – relay it!


What makes Rexy hard other than the distance?

One of the unique aspects of riding here is elevation gain comes in short, abrupt climbs, generally steep and rarely over 1/2 mile long. When you think about 11,400′ feet of total gain that means there are a lot of short little punches out here. You can see a good example of a very steep climb in this video clip

Depending on the recent weather we can also have none – some sand.  The challenge isn’t that the sand is for long sections. Actually, it is just the opposite – It comes without notice and in areas you might not expect. It can be deep and quickly take charge of your front wheel. You can see an example in this video.

And in between? is sweet, rolling, beautiful gravel that allows you to chew up the miles and get’r done.

``Gravel`` means different things to different riders. What is your ``Gravel`` like?

Such a great question – The national definition of the term is anything from not quite asphalt to just short of single-track.

Desert Gravel is this. We ride on 4 types of road – in order of most prevalent to least.

1- 70%  ‘dirt’ to ‘actual’ gravel. Desert, hardpack dirt with gravel and very fine crush rock mixed in and, occasional segments of sand. Width ranging from single-lane to wide double lane. These roads range from regularly maintained to seasonally maintained. The texture from very smooth to moderate washboard.

2- 15-20% Hardpack – less packed dirt road. (primarily on the 3 longer courses). Narrower, ‘jeep’ style road (no double track, all are actual road) comes into play higher in the hills with more climbing, and descending, rolling terrain. Some sections of these roads can also be sandy when the weather has been dry for long periods of time. The opposite can be true with extensive rain creating challenging, sticky mud.


3 – 5% Primary county maintained true “gravel” road. Well-maintained, wide, smooth, fine gravel roads. We’ll also put old deteriorated state hwy 50 road into this category. Low or no maintained old asphalt road, plenty of gravel and potholes in sections. In the 175 and 125 mile courses these few sections will be much appreciated for a reprieve from the ever-changing terrain most of the course enjoys.

4- Paved, current, modern asphalt road and hwy. The departure from Fruita and the 8 miles after the timing finish to the overall finish is paved road. And, about 7 miles after aid 4 is too. (Trust us. a bit of pavement after 150 miles is an awesome break for a spell.)

What you won’t find here. There is NO single-track. There are no “rock gardens” (yes, rocks can be anywhere on a rural road) – but there are no segments, or sections covered/littered with medium to large rocks.

Desert Gravel, U.S.A.